So this week was a fun one. After the Skype, which made my Christmas! We went out tracting and found a lady named D... and she is an elect! She is so ready to be baptized and she already read the whole Book of Mormon!! And she is getting baptized this week!!

Also, we have a investigator that is 13 named L... and he is awesome. He wants to be a missionary and he's come to church the past 3 weeks... and I was supposed to baptize him yesterday... But the little punk drank coffee this week, so he didn't pass his baptismal interview... and he felt so bad... But he is very determined to not drink coffee this week and I will definitely be baptizing him this week!! with D. too!

We also have two investigators that are 17 and 18 we are working with, they are really progressing well. They are awesome guys and they both want to change their lives and it's been so rewarding teaching them and helping them change.... It's weird how many people we are finding, that I feel like I can relate to here, I really feel like this is where I am supposed to be... I feel like I know a little bit of what they are going through and that the experiences I have had are helping me be a better missionary.
Also, I went on divisions [splits] with my zone leader this week. He only has one week left until he's headed home... so he is working so hard to get the most he can of of his last week... So we had fun! ha We practically ran everywhere and talked to EVERYONE. It was way fun and it was a good example to me.
Brazilian baseball or bets, was super fun, too. We played with some Brazilian kids and two other missionaries and I hit like 100 home runs... I'm glad we didn't play soccer though... They would have killed me. They are so good here!!
Also, we had a rat in our house and we had to tear everything apart to kill it. ha It was hilarious... We were like knocking stuff over and throwing furniture because we didn't want it to get away, and finally we killed the sucker.
Also, I ate pork this week... that still had little hairs on it. It was hard to swallow ha. I miss your cooking mom!!!!!!!
Also Mom and Dad... I have a wish list of things for whenever you send the next package.. It doesn't matter when, but it be nice if a you could send some of this stuff it help a lot!

[I won't include the whole list of sundries, but some items were interesting.]
American money (one dollar bills... just like 3 or 4)
my jump rope
protein bars
A black windbreaker.. something small I can shove in my backpack and just pull out when it rains
clear packing tape
athletes foot spray [!!! At least he didn't ask for a can of Raid. He did mention fleas during our Christmas phone call!]
and maybe hair clippers if they are cheap

ha Sorry it's a long one. But any of it would help!!
Also, Mom or Dad if you could find some smoking facts... One of our investigators is having a hard time stopping smoking and I want to help her by telling her some of the positives from stopping smoking... I remember reading about how your chance for a heart attack drops drastically and cancer and stuff. So if you could find them in English I can translate them into Portuguese.

But I love you all a lot... Ryan the surgery looks gnarly! And did you already have the trek Remi??? It was so good to see you on Christmas and I miss you all!

Love, Elder Miller