Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beleza! 26 May 2014

Elders Loyola, Miller and Bell with A., who was baptized last week and confirmed this week.


Well, this week was good. We confirmed A., and we baptized a 16-year-old named G. . . . It was a miracle. ha 

We were trying to baptize 35 in our zone . . . and the two people we wanted to baptize  in our area fell through..(One went traveling and the other's parents didn’t want to let her be baptized) . . . So we didn’t know what to do. But we three fasted from Wednesday to Thursday and the on Thursday night we stopped by the church to use the bathroom, and they were having seminary and the teacher said, "Elders, we have a reference for you!" G. was there and when they introduced us to him I was surprised, because I had seen him at church a few times and at seminary and I thought he was already a member. We talked for a minute and then we grabbed a class room and started teaching him. After the prayer the first thing he said was, "I really want to get rid of my sins and feel closer to God." haha I was like "Amigo, have you ever heard of baptism?" haha We taught him for a while and then again on Friday and Saturday, and then on Sunday night he was baptized!!! Miracles. ha His family went and they all loved it and cried a lot. Now, on Thursday we have an appointment to teach them too. :) Yes!

Elders Loyola, Miller and Bell with G. and the friend who baptized him.

Our zone was the highest baptizing again this month. We had 40 baptisms . . . (We only baptized 9 this week . . . 15 people that had dates didn’t end up being baptized . . . 9 were pushed back to next week and 6 just got lazy.) I think there is a lot of room for improvement in our zone. There are lots of missionaries that didn’t baptize and a few that baptized a lot. I want to have a month were every missionary baptizes in the zone! That [would] be cool!

Unfortunately, today I’m sick. It’s getting cold here and I woke up this morning feeling really poopy. I took some medicine and ate three oranges . . . So hopefully I get better soon. ha

Mom, you’re a trooper. Good luck on the 50-miler! That’s going to be a challenge for sure. Way to stick out the last couple miles after your crash. Ha And yes I got the pic of the missionary putting on armor. I hung it up on the wall where I study.

Dad, you guys eat like kings. haha You’re going to build the power cage or buy one?? 

Ryan, I’ve heard lately that the best beaches in Brasil are in Natal . . .  Have you looked at tickets, yet?? There are lots of people in Curitiba excited for our visit now. ha

Remi, way to tackle 25 miles. You’re a trooper, bud! I hope the 50 goes well today. Don’t give up! And the project? How’s it going?

Well, I love you all. It’s crazy I only have three months left. Please, keep me and my zone in your prayers . . . We need them!!

Elder Miller

Monday, May 19, 2014

Oi from Curitiba 19 May 2014

Well this week was good.

We baptized A. this week, he is a 70-year-old man who loves singing hymns and he is super funny. ha. His wife passed away in June and I know we knocked his door for reason. He has really enjoyed hearing the messages and the gospel has helped him a lot.

When I was baptizing him his legs came out from underneath him and we almost went down together, but I got him back up thankfully. ha... He’s a heavy guy.

Also, this week Moroni Torgan [The first Mormon elected to Brazil’s Congress.] came and visited our mission. He knows his stuff!! It seems like he has memorized the standard works. haha It was an awesome experience and a real spiritual boost!

He helped us set a baptismal goal for this coming week, in a leadership meeting with just us zone leaders, and we set a goal of 232 baptisms this week... which is a ton. But it was prayerfully considered and received by revelation, ha so we are going to work hard to make it happen!

I didn’t get the email this week from the family. Just from dad... IDK if it didn’t send [We did re-send it.] or what...but write me back if you get this email within the next hour. [We did that, too.] ha

Well I love you all,
I’ll try and send a pic of the baptism,

Elder Miller

Elders Loyola, Miller and Bell with A.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Post Skype P-day 12 May, 2014

No explanation needed.
No, wait--no explanation ...came with this photo.

Well, it was great to Skype you all. It flew by and it feels like we didn’t get to talk much...* I think we all were tired. But that’s alright. It won’t be long now till I’m home and we can talk more then. haha

This week was a good one. I’m loving my companions. Elder Bell [From Idaho.] is really spiritual and Elder Loyola [From the Amazon area.] is hilarious and really smart. 

Elder Loyola (we think).

F. was confirmed as I said last week. Tomorrow he is going to come with us to Zone meeting. I think he’s gunna go on a mish!! He’ll have to wait a year but I could see it happening. 

We might baptize this week. We’ve been teaching a 70-year-old man name Ag. and he has come with us to church twice now and participated in a few activities... but he might take another week or two. ha. 

Al. and M. came to see me as I said on Sunday. They bought a new car and were excited to show me their "blessing from God." ha They are such an awesome family. I love them! My mission has been so blessed. Wow.

Mom... Remi’s COH [Eagle Court of Honor] will be cool...We’re saying a reception for me or for Remi’s COH?? [Both. We only have 6 days!]  Just make rice and beans if you want Brasilian food. ha I loved the Mother’s Day pics, Mom... I’m so blessed to have you as my mom. I mentioned Alma 56 yesterday on Skype. I love that chapter. The mothers prepared their boys from early on, so that in that crucial moment of battle their faith didn’t falter... and they courageously defended their families and freedom. Those mothers had such a crucial role in the story, and so it is with you, Mom, in my story. You helped me prepare since I was little for this spiritual battle I am fighting... and needless to say, I would not be here in the mission if it wasn’t for you. You truly are the best mom I know. I look up to you, I admire you and I love you so very much. Thank you mom!!

Dad, I loved your email... Skype flew by and it felt like I didn’t even talk to you guys.* ha I’m sorry it’s been a stressful week... Grandma looks nothing like she did last time I saw her. :( I hope I get to see her again. She and you all are in my prayers. Your office looks awesome. You really are a successful guy, you know. haha. I’m glad to see my painting made the cut, too. ha. And you are way skinny pops! Congrats!!!

Ryan. You look like a rich business man already ha. I’m so stoked we are going to travel Brasil together. It’s going to be so fun, Bro!!! I was told by a few members the nicest beaches here are in Natal... but you can do the research.

Remington!! It was good to see you, Bud. You are so big. I’m excited for your court of honor. Keep working hard ok?! And did you buy anything at Zumiez?? Buy bigger shorts. [Still the long-distance Fashion Police!] haha 

Love you all, I’ll send some pics!

Elder Miller

*We felt like we didn’t get to talk much either. We spent a good chunk of our time on Skype calling/re-calling each other; our connection kept getting dropped. L

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Brasilian Pizza, My Zone, My District and a Baptism 5 May 2014

Brasillian Pizza
So this week was pretty good.

We baptized F.!! He is awesome and was an elect! ha We found him only two weeks ago and now he is already a member of the church :) I’ll send pics!

F's Baptism

Elder Moody left this morning. It made me a little trunky, ha but it’s all good. And currently I’m with Elder Bedford, Elder Cesar da Silva, Elder Lima and Elder Failes in an area called Emiliano Pernetta (in my zone). It’s cool because I was already comps with three of them! Tomorrow at 5 o‘clock I’ll pick up my new comp. I’m still zone leader, district leader AND now I’m going to train too, ha. We will be in a trio so it should be a fun transfer :)

On Sunday SKYPE :) I think about 3-4 o clock my time I’ll be signing on so be ready!

Mom, the package is at the Correis Central, and I have to pay 80 Reais [about $36 US] to take it out :( ha I think I will because I really want Pop Tarts haha. I forgot about the “all kinds of Mexican crap [to make Reece walk all over Publix]” story. haha [A few years ago Reece went to the store for me to buy stuff for a new enchilada recipe. That quote is what Reece added to the bottom of my list!] Sorry your recipe didn’t turn out well. I vaguely remember the Fresno [Temple] Dedication ha. I forgot I shook Ballard’s hand though, that’s cool! ha I remember watching one at a stake center, too... but I don’t remember which temple it was [Nauvoo or Palmyra. We were reminiscing because we were able to attend the Ft. Lauderdale Temple’s Dedication on Sunday. ].

Dad, tell Grandma I love her. I miss her and I really hope I get to see her when I get back. It’s sad she will be in the nursing home now. Is it close to Lakeland? Can’t wait to talk on Skype! Minha nossa. I’m stoked! Hey, fun fact: last night, I was reading "Dia de la Defesa" in Spanish. I understood it perfectly. I just need to get better at speaking it. It’s a mock trial of two Mormon missionaries… it’s awesome and its full of scriptures that are great for teaching.

Ryan, glad to hear the sales are going well still. I feel like I know some of the guys on your team... is there a Michael on your team? The guy in the black sweatshirt? Glad to see you’re still enjoying the blackened chicken, strawberry, walnut, and feta cheese balsamic vinaigrette salad ha. I want one, too, dang it.

Remi, how did you hurt your hand in P.E.? You were jumping up to touch a beam? haha It sounds like you touched it! [A sprain.] ha Way to pass of your Cooking [merit badge] though, Bro! Keep up the excellent work!

Well, I love you all and I sent some pics (Brasilian pizza, my zone, my district and F.'s baptism)


Elder Miller

My Zone

My District