Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First Day Proselyting November 21, 2012

Elder Miller's artwork from the CTM!
OIIII minha familia!!!

Mom... that is not the word for elder haha, Elder is the word for Elder. Haha [I will not put the word that the translator gave me as “elder,” for fear it is obscene!]

Anyway, it was so good to hear from you all this week!! Mom and Dad and Remi, I got the Mission Ties letter earlier in the week which was a nice surprise... and I got your Halloween card!! It was awesome to hear about conference again! hahaha

And Ryan, thanks for the letter! It was another nice surprise!!! It sounds like you’re doing well. Keep me posted on the job choice. I’m sure you will be awesome at any job you pick... but I think you will have more success with the pest control if you do it this year!  

Sooo… this week, Monday, we went proselyting for the first time!! My comp and I gave out five copies of the book of Mormon... talked to like 20 people... understood about 10. Got yelled at by a drunk... and I was hit on by a transvestite. It was FUN!

I’ll start with the books of Mormon. ha We had some good conversations with people about religion and just small talking. We talked to a few older people, two young boys flying a kite, a lady who owned a small shop for girls, a taxi driver, construction workers and a few others. A few people were speaking a different language though! Seriously! Because some, we could understand every word, and then others, we would get like 2 words out of 100 ha. It was weird, but super fun.

One lady we couldn’t understand super well, but we were having a good conversation with her none-the-less... But while we were talking, a drunk guy came up and was asking if we were from the church, and we said yes, and he started shaking his finger at us and yelling. ha So it was hard to finish our conversation and ignore him especially because she was a little hard to understand to begin with... but we did and gave her a BOM. So it turned out ok! Ha but if I hadn’t been a missionary... that drunk would have been in for it! Ha

So the highlight, or most unusual event, was definitely the transvestites. My comp saw two GIRLS sitting under some shade from a tree on the sidewalk, and he was like let’s go talk to them! Because people that are sitting are usually good one to talk to because they aren’t busy. So as we got closer... I noticed they were very weird looking girls, and by the time we said COMO VAI, we both realized they were not girls. They were men, with large chests... and 5 o’clock shadows... and deep voices. So we didn’t know what to do... then one of them looked at me, licked his lips, and said something inappropriate... so we left.

First day proselyting!!! Ha this should be a fun next few months! LOL

Anyway... not much else has happened beyond that. The language is coming along really well!! Or better than it was last week I guess. I am excited and nervous for the field, but I know it’s time to get to work!! We sang in the choir this week, “Where Can I Turn for Peace” and it sounded awesome! And my Brazilian roommates left for the field--dangit! I love those guys!

Other than that... the Temple was good today, and for P-day I bought a few things for you for Christmas, so I’ll be sending in next week hopefully, maybe today if I get it done in time! So don’t look! [At his bank account.] It probably won’t say anything anyway, or it’s in Portuguese if it does.

Anyway, I love you all and miss you too. Congrats on the second moving reindeer, Remi! And Mom how’s the writing? Good job, Dad, with the shed--keep it up!! And yes, Mom, we get turkey tomorrow!!! I love you all... Happy Thanksgiving!!

Elder Miller!

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