Monday, December 17, 2012

Oii! December 17, 2012

Oii Mom, Dad, Ryan, Remi, Roxy, Truman and Sam! ha Sorry you're after the pets, Sam.

Anyway, so, I'm jealous of all the fun you and Remi have been having Ryan! Has Mom's ear healed from the dart wound? [Unfortunately I got caught in the middle of a Nerf gun battle.] And what did you decide with the surgery. Ryan? I want to know? I want a pic of that beard to! Mine is coming in fast ha.. shaving everyday is making it grow a lot faster than before. I actually get a little 5 o'clock shadow so that's pretty cool.

Remi! How was that Christmas concert! I'm so happy you have Ryan home to play with you! I am sorry he is not as much fun as me, but he is better than nothing right? haha I miss you bud.

Mom! How's the new job? Did you already start?

Dad, I want another pic of the shed! And also, I want burgers the first day I am home... just so you know. They don't have anything like your burgers here, and eu tenho soldades por seu burgures!

So this week was pretty good! The first half I was a little discouraged because of the language and little things, so i was praying really hard for help with lifting my spirits, and I have felt the help this second half of the week.

Cool story real quick... I was on divisions [splits?] here, I stayed in our area and had an Elder from another area in our district come here with me... So I had to get us to all the houses and appointments, and I did it without any problems! So that's a miracle ha! It was pretty fun, too, being the Elder that has to be responsible, for a change ha. And we marked [set?] 3 dates for baptism while my trainer was gone, so he was pretty proud when he got back!

But the story... so we were trying to study in the chapel (which is really a supermarket/house) because we had a zone meeting in the morning and didn't get to study in our house, and the door is super hard to open... Only the bishop and a counselor really know how, ha but we were trying and trying for a good 15 minutes. And we even called Christiano, the mission leader, for help explaining it. He couldn't explain it on the phone, but he just said say a prayer and try again. so Elder Eddington said a prayer and I tried again... and it opened right away... it was weird! But awesome. Prayer really works! And I have lots of stories like that already from the mission! And if I throw in some extra stuff and a few scriptures that's a talk right there. ha
So also this week... we had a marriage on Friday (I was a witness/signer) and a two BAPTISMS on Saturday and they were confirmed Sunday! It was awesome! This is why they call it the best two years! It was so cool to have people I helped teach, enter the waters of baptism!!! They are awesome people and are going to be awesome members!!

Anyway, I have some pics I am going to send, so I am going to wrap this up. I miss you all, and love you, too. I wish I could be there for Christmas, but I am loving being here in PONTA GROSSA and I'm so excited to Skype! I hope I can still speak English!

I love you all,go
Ate Logo, 
Elder Miller
Sunday's Baptism
Darci and Luzia, our baptisms! They got married on Friday! It was awesome!
Now, the squeamish and arachnophobes scroll no farther . . .

This spider was in our house... No joke, it was bigger than my hand! I promise ha.
It's hard to sleep now.

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