Friday, October 19, 2012

Email and Letter on 3rd P-day! October 17, 2012


Well it’s the end of week three! I just finished reading [your] letter from mission ties!! Thank you for all the love this week Mom, Dad and Remi! I got my first letter from you, Mom! And I got four extra cookies for doing the Mission Ties thing! I’m gunna get fat!

This week has been great! The language is still a work in progress, but I learn more every week! I know the missionaries here have the Lord helping us every step of the way! I surprise myself all the time on what I am able to stammer out during practice teaching the investigators or understand during devotional. I definitely know the spirit is here at the CTM!

Anyway, this week I went to the police station to register with the police and it was quite the adventure. I swear they speak a different language outside of the CTM! Ha! It was muito difficil to talk with the people there, but it didn’t stop me from trying. Ha. I’m sure I looked stupid but learned some new phrases and bore my testimony!

Also this week, my district sang in church, “How Firm a Foundation” and we did pretty well. We all sing the parts so we have some good harmony and we did it acapella! So, to answer some questions... no I’m not sick, ha. I got over my first cold, and the plane ride was miserable because of my sinuses, but then I started to get another cold a couple of days ago, and I pounded the vitamin C pills, and I’m feeling great now.

The graffiti here or what I called graffiti is actually like murals, and awesome art! I would love to do something like it one day! The city has some weird smells, like vomit was today’s smell, ha. But it’s still awesome!! I’m starting to get used to the culture and the people. I laugh a lot with the Brazilians here, ha. And a few of them from another district, always come up to me like we are going to fight so I take my name tag of and give it to my comp and say “let’s go,” in Portuguese, and they think it’s hilarious, ha.

Anyway, I am going to see if I can’t finish my letter home for you guys and send it through Cheney’s [Mr. Cheney’s / Mission Ties] before P-day is over! It's free for me, so I will try and hurry and do it!! Thank you again for the love and support! I hope you get my first letter soon.

I love you all so much,

Elder Miller

Scanned Letter from Mission Ties:
Oii Mom & Pop! And Remi & Ryan & Truman & Roxy…

Thank you for signing up for Mission Ties. The mail lag time is ridiculous! You just barely got my first letter from over 3 weeks ago. Ha ha. So this will help a lot!
I just finished working out and playing volleyball and showering… I love P-days! I sent a letter last week, so it should be there in only 3 more months. Ha. No, probably about 4 or5 more days, I hope. I am sitting in Cheney’s [Mr. Cheney’s Cookies/Missionary Ties store front] right now. The cookies smell great! Thank you again for the package… that combined with the four I got for you signing up for Mission Ties should hold me over for the next month or so! I’m going to get fat!
I saw that you replied to my emails right after I sent it, but I didn’t have time to reply. L I could have, but it’s the honor system and I am “obeying with exactness.” [When Reece’s email came in I noticed that he had just sent it minutes before, so both Scott and I tried saying hi back in real time, via email.]
The debate sounds awesome, or the first one at least . . . I hear the second one was a bit of a mess. Dad, I laughed so hard at what you said. Ha ha.
Anyway, I’ll keep this short because I just emailed. . .
I am trying to strengthen my testimony of Temples before I get out in the field, because I have a great opportunity to go every week. I have been 3 times already! I am praying and trying to learn.

I love you all!
Elder Miller


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