Monday, December 3, 2012

More Pictures from the CTM December 3, 2012

These first 8 pics were from the CTM...

The view out Elder Miller's 5th Floor room at the CTM in Sao Paulo.
Elder Miller's CTM District Buddies. The ones I know are:
Top Left - Elder Miller & his CTM companion Elder Farr is next to him. Right in front of Elder Miller is Elder Rodgers and next to him is Elder Winn. Those two Elders were particular friends of Reece, but were headed to the Teresina Brazil Mission in northern Brazil. I know that Elder Larsen is in there, too, but which one???
email me with names if you know someone else.
Elder Miller supporting his companion 100%? I think that is Elder Farr...
I have no words, but this one might explain a lot...
Late to class, after goofing around in the laundry room???
District Stripling Warriors?

Elder Miller said his very shy teacher did not want her picture taken,
but he got some anyway.


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