Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Thank you so much for the pecote! (package) I was so excited to see that today. [A gift certificate to Mr. Cheney's Cookies, through] The lady took a pic of me and my comp eating our cookies so hopefully you get it soon. But it was so nice to get something. I haven’t got a letter yet.

:( Ha but it’s ok. I think I have some on the way!

I just got back from the temple and sending a letter to you and Jaimee! I hope you get them soon.

Anyway, I am feeling fine! No more cold! I play volleyball and work out every day, so the ship is in shipshape (rocket man) anyway, the CTM is still awesome. I can’t believe I have been here for two weeks! The first week went by very slow... not gunna lie, but this one flew by!! And the language is coming along really well. I wanted to send some pics today, but the photo printer was out of paper at the shop by the CTM, so I have to wait until next pday ;( sorry.

But Dad that was nice of you and Mom -- thank you for the package! Tell Ryan I said hi and Michelle I’ll be praying for her. Remington, I love you to bud and I miss you a lot!

So the random stuff... I play volleyball and workout every day! I tell my Brazilian roommate, “Boa noite meu amor,” every night, which means good night my love... So he thinks I'm crazy. Ha. I drew a temple on the whiteboard in class and people think it’s cool. People have taken pictures of it or with it, and I drew one for this cool guy from Plant City, right next to Lakeland... so I will send pics of both!

I loved conference!! My fav talk was Elder Holland; it seriously brought me to tears! I wrote a lot about it in the letter I sent so I won’t go into to details, but it was the best talk I have ever heard!

Today on the way to the temple, I was the last one on the bus, so I had to sit in the jump seat, RIGHT next to the driver who doesn’t speak any English. So I had to whip out my amazing Portuguese for the hour trip... and it went really well actually! I’m sure I sounded like a gringo, but I was able to say a lot of stuff and understand him!! Also, the drivers here are CRAZY! We almost got in 5 wrecks... no joke! We got cut off so many times ha.

But I got to go, my time is up!! The email situation is hard! Only 30 min to read and write!!!

I love you all so much!


Elder Miller
First P-day Temple Trip Oct. 3, 2012


  1. How awesome!!! Loved reading this and look forward to following along with this journey! My kids have been talking alot about missions lately and with the age change even more so now! So excited that they to can follow along and we look forward to making a FHE to write letters. Roni you will have to let us know what are some of things that are needed or wanted so we can send something! The Holmes Family

    1. You are too kind, Tammy! My boys loved hearing about the missionaries and having them in our home when they were younger, too -- the training starts young! And can already tell that your kids will be terrific missionaries!