Monday, June 30, 2014

Not Just World Cup Fever Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yep, today is P-day . . . and, yep, it’s because of the game. Brasil plays today against Chile. We can’t watch it though :( It’s just pointless to work when Brasil is playing . . . because everyone is watching the game . . . and drinking. ha

The bad news: Well, I’m sick again . . . for the third time . . . I woke up on Tuesday with a fever of 102. And when it went up to 103 I went to the hospital AGAIN. Three times this month. IDK [I don't know] what’s wrong with me . . . But I feel a little better and hopefully after this week I’ll be back to ship shape.

But the good news: We are going to baptize today. G. (the cousin of a member) is 17 and she has been going to church off and on for a year. The missionaries had never taught her, but when she came to church three weeks ago we marked an appointment and we’ve been teaching her ever since. And this week we invited her to be baptized and she accepted . . . And Thursday we had a long lesson with the mom, because she didn’t want to let her be baptized. It was probably the hardest lesson of my mission . . . because it was a battle . . . and I had a fever of 102. ha At one point I told her, "Your daughter isn’t asking if she can use drugs . . . she’s not asking if she can go to some sketchy party and get drunk . . . she asking if she can follow Christ . . . and you don’t want to let her???" ha Fortunately, she understood and said she would support G. (If she was just a year older she wouldn’t have to ask. ha) But her cousin and aunts and uncles will take good care of her (They are all members of the church . . . and one is a bishop.).

Also, I got an email from A. and M. [Of chicken-cooking fame in Autodromo!] this week. ha I love them. Dad, try and translate this:

Oi meu amigo! Nos te amamos, e somos gratos a DEUS por telo conhecido, que DEUS conceda tudo que  teu coração desejar, somos gratos e presto meu testemunho que tua fé e verdadeira no senhor JESUS CRISTO.  E temos visto o amor de  JESUS CRISTO em minha familha. Thank you, thank you, thank you  . . . As palavras são poucas p/agradecer.
Hello my friend, we love you.

That email made my day. Ha It’s been a rough week . . . actually a rough month. I’ve been sick three times, and I’ve been feeling a lot of weight on my shoulders, too . . . there have been lots of problems in the zone. And training two Americans back-to-back (My Portuguese is suffering. haha). IDK It’s just been a rough month . . . but I know it will get better. We’re going to baptize tonight . . . so that will help!

Mom, congrats on driving again and getting out of the house! And thank you for emailing today . . I was worried I wouldn’t have an email. Ha [Thanks to Sister Montiero letting parents know on Facebook!]

Remi, way to do those chores. ha How’s your yard business been doing? You making some money still??

Dad, looks like you passed out ha, send me an email from work if you have time. [Dad did, of course!]

Ryan, how are the sales???  

Well, I love you all. If you have time to send an email—back I’ve got about 45 minutes left. 

Love you!!!!

[We were all able to email him back a few times. But I don't know if he saw my emails or not...]

Hey, Pops and Remi. Remi, yes, I read our email, Bud.

And Dad I forgot you don’t work today . . . If I get sick again I will def[initely] want to see a doctor when I get home.

The U.S. will play Belgium here in a few days . . . They made it past the first phase and apparently are playing well.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Temple and Toast Days June 23, 2014

                                                                 The Curitiba Temple                                                              

So this week was ok . . . Our new comp is Elder Jones, from California!! He’s way cool and super chill. He is already speaking the language well and we’re working well together. 

Our baptism fell through this week, but he still went to church on Sunday. We don’t really understand why he doesn’t want to be baptized, and we tried our best to help him.  We are going to invite him this Sunday to watch our other baptism and hopefully that helps. 

The "other baptism’s" name is G. and she is great.  She is 17 and has been to church several times. Two weeks ago, her cousin who is a member presented us to her and we have been teaching her ever since. She is progressing well and yesterday she accepted the invitation to be baptized the coming Sunday. We have been to teaching her mom, too, and hopefully she will be baptized as well next next Sunday.

Elders Jones, Miller and Bell with E. and L. 
at the Curitiba Temple.

Also, we went to the temple this week with E. and L. (Ga’s parents) we have been teaching them for a while now and they are progressing well. L. is very Catholic and we have been working to help her gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She still hasn’t quite got one. E. believes it true but still has the mindset that every church is good and that you just need to do your best to be a good person and you will be saved. Ha But, I know they will be baptized and when they are, they will never leave the church!! And probably will be great leaders, too.

And to answer questions – Elder  Jones is my 6th son [trainee].

Mom, your foot looks pretty nasty. But I’m glad it’s getting better. So did you find a bike yet?? What kind of bike do you want? Like a road bike with skinny tires? I forgot you are still doing your classes online. Are they going well?? Don’t worry mom, I’m feeling great, and I still have plenty of money, too. ha And yes mom, there are three comps [computers] here so we all can email at the same time.

Dad, I’m glad Grandma and Rodney are doing well. They are always in my prayers. Is Rodney enjoying his group home?

Ryan, I’m sorry you were attacked by a dog . . . you should have kicked it in the face . . . you get good practice at kicking dogs here in Brasil. ha It looks like you got stitches? Three? And did the people at least buy from you??? That’s sweet you voice-texted that email. Your phone must be pretty legit.

Remi, what’s The Lego Movie about? I haven’t heard of it yet?? That’s sweet you went to youth conference! Where were your dorms at??? Who were your roommates?
hahaha You fell in the pool, Remi?? hahaha Remi, you’re hilarious!

Love you all,
Elder Miller
                                                   We made French toast . . . and lots of it!                                            

                                                    Araucaria tree. They are way cool.                                            

Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup Missionaries June 16, 2014

The "Honey Moon" from Curitiba.
Well, this week was good. We worked hard and got a lot done. We had six investigators at church, and we marked a baptismal date with a Haitian man we are teaching. His name is D. and he doesn’t speak any Portuguese, but he speaks English pretty well. It’s been weird teaching in English. ha Quite challenging. ha
We have been teaching G’s family for a while now and they are progressing really well. We had a family home evening with them last Monday night and it went really well. They had asked us what it means to be Mormon . . .  and so we put together an awesome lesson with videos and lots of examples and it went really well. The wife made us apple pie the other day!!! It was so good. So, to thank them we made cookies. ha They all went to church yesterday and liked it a lot. We’re going by again tonight to teach them :) I’m stoked.
All my "sons" in our zone.

 Our zone.

We got transfer calls. Me and Elder Bell are staying and will continue being zone leaders . . . but Elder Linzey is being transferred. :( He’s way cool and will be missed . . . Me and Elder Bell are going to get another greenie to train. ha We already have three “kids” together! haha

Oh! The World Cup started finally and it’s been crazy. The first time Brasil played the whole city stopped. We tried working (They said we could try if we wanted or we could study inside). We were out trying to do street contacts and there was nobody in the street . . . then Brasil scored the first goal . . . and we heard the crescendo (IDK how to spell that) of screams. It was weird . . . I’ve never seen anything like it. ha The whole neighborhood went nuts and after everyone screamed for a minute everyone started throwing fireworks out the windows. Ha So we went home and studied . . . but by the end of the game we knew Brasil had scored three goals. ha It was easy to tell every time.

"Sad to be stuck inside during the Brasil game, instead of out teaching."

The states will play today. I hope they do well. I’ve told several people they are going to beat Brasil . . . even though I know it’s not likely. ha I have faith, though.

Mom, how’s the foot? [Foot surgery.] I’ll let Elder Linzey know you said happy b-day. We are going to buy him a cake. Thanks, BTW, for putting money in my account! ha I  loved the pics. The wall’s [summer reading program decorations at the library] very creative. I thought it was hilarious that Remi was in the fridge the background- ha -just where I left him. [In Remi’s defense he was making his poor, gimpy Mom lunch!]

Dad, I sent you an email for Father’s Day. But I’ll say it again here. I love you, Pops! You are the best dad in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 Ryan, how are the sales, Bro? And the dates?

 Remi, congrats on the merit badge . . . You're almost done!!!!

 Love you all,

 Elder Miller


Happy Father’s Day. If you have a minute, watch this video. I saw it this week and it made me think of you. Watch it before reading the rest of the email.

There is a quote I love right at the start by James E. Faust that says, "Noble fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the divine."

I am so blessed to have you for a father. You always provided for me and loved me unconditionally. You have taught me with patience and kindness. Thank you, Dad for all that you do. Because of your wonderful example as a father, I feel like I better comprehend my Father in Heaven’s love for me. I hope to be a father as good as you one day.

Love you, Pops,

Elder Miller

Monday, June 9, 2014

An "uneventful" week? 9 June 2014

Well, this week wasn’t too eventful. On Thursday night I got sick again. ha I woke up and threw up a ton but by Saturday I was fine. ha It was just like a stomach flu or something. A few good things happened though. Three of our investigators went to church and loved it. One lady we took cried during Sacrament meeting. Also, F., my recent convert got the Priesthood and next Sunday he is going to bless the Sacrament. (We gave him a white shirt and tie to use :)) 

Also, we were able to finally make an appointment with a man named F. that’s been going to church for a few months now, but he has never let us go by his house. ha (I think he is scared of us!) But yesterday he gave me and Elder Bell, Brasil jackets that are sweet and we marked a day to go by and make cookies with him and watch the movie on the restoration. He is super nice and his daughter is already a member, so he has been going with her these past few months. We really want to help him become a member and I know he already knows the church is true. 

Also, I just got an email from one of my recent converts in Tamandaré, A. . . . remember him? He just told me that he started working on his mission papers!!!! Woo! And it sounds like this month I’ll get to see D’s endowment, too!!!

Mom, those talks sound splendid. I miss our ward . . . I think everything works smoothly there. That will be nice to have a three-week “break.” ha, I’ll be praying that all goes well with your foot :)   I’ll for sure do something for Elder Linzey on his b-day. I’m currently poor, so if you put money in my account that would be great. And yes there are quite a few things I’d like to get before I leave . . . most for you guys. I already have a good amount of souvenirs, but there are a couple things I need to get for you all.

Dad, it’s good to hear the garage is coming along. The power rack looks pretty cool . . . you think it’s as strong as a metal one, though?? Elder Linzey is adjusting well . . . He’s really funny and has the same sense of humor that Sam [one of Reece’s best friends] does, so we get along well.

Ryan, I liked the Corvette pic. ha Maybe you could trade the Civic in? And congrats on the diploma. It’s official now. You need to get it framed. ha Is that other pic of the girl you’ve been dating? She’s kinda of cute, but I think you could probably do a little better, Bro. But whatever makes you happy, man.

Ryan's third picture.
I’m sure you will pick up quite a few things [Portuguese] on our trip . . . just try and get down phrases to start off and vocab, too. Do you know what day we are going to leave? There are lots of people that would be more than willing to let us stay with them. ha

Remi, it’s summer!!! Woo! What are you going to do with all your free time??? Don’t let Dad forget about all the work he needs to do in the garage. ha 

Well, I’m attaching some pics...
Love you all,

Elder Miller

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Flu? June 2, 2014

Well, there is a ton of stuff I need to say this week!!

First off.... HAPPY B-DAY, RYAN!! I sent you an email already but I’m saying it again in this one! Love you, Bro.

Also, this week I got SWINE FLU! It was awesome. ha Remember how I said I was feeling sick last Monday... Well, it got worse and I had to go to the hospital and I found out that it was H1N1. haha And while I was there I got three prescriptions and two shots … in the… And to make it even better, a young cute nurse was kind enough to give me them. It was awkward and it hurt so bad. ha But I’m all better now and I’m back in ship shape. I think I was blessed with a quick recovery.

Also, while I was sick we found a DOMINOS PIZZA in the phonebook that delivers to our area, so we got two pizzas!!!! It was so good. I couldn’t taste it very well, but it still made my week. I’ll send a pic.

Dominoes Pizza in Curitiba!
Comfort food for a sick Elder.

This week Elder Loyola was transferred. The new Americans who got their visas came and Elder Loyola went to finish his training in another area and we picked up Elder Linzsey. He’s from Boston, Massachusetts and he is way cool.

This week we found an awesome family of 6 that went to church. Also, we confirmed G., and his mom and little sister (who is 8 :)) went to church to see his confirmation.

Yesterday, there was a stake conference for another stake, in our chapel (They used ours because it’s huge.) and then our meetings were at 3 in the afternoon. I taught gospel principles for the 4th time in a row, and lots of people told me they liked the class afterwards. 

Then later I noticed one of the investigators from Autodromo (my last area) was there and I knew the missionaries were teaching him. He had been to church like 6 times but didn’t want to be baptized. I asked him if we could talk and I interviewed him for like an hour and a half and answered a bunch of questions he had, and then I invited him to be baptized and he accepted! It was like a miracle baptism! ha And the Elders were stoked when I called them to tell them he accepted the invitation to be baptized! ha He was baptized at 10:00 o’clock last night! (We got permission. ha)

Mom, congrats on the 50-miler you two are bosses!

Dad, the cabinets look great! You have skills!

Ryan, happy b-day again!!

Remington, you’re awesome, Bud! 50 MILES! ha [Cycling Merit badge for Boy Scouts] That’s crazy!!!

Well, I love you all!!!
Elder Miller