Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Epilogue September 10, 2014

Elder Miller made it safely home on September 26, 2014--after an overnight flight. Just like when he left--I tracked the plane!

Dad was first to spot him coming down the escalator. I must have been jumping and or crying because my pictures were all blurry. Luckily his Dad got a pretty good shot.

That last step off the escalator . . .

I got the hug I'd waited for for 2 years!

Then it was Dad's turn.

Then big brother, Ryan . . .

Then little brother, Remington.

After a party at our house, unpacking, packing, a bittersweet few days of seeing family members and saying farewell to his Grandmother, more unpacking and packing . . . Reece gave an awesome talk in church (despite English feeling like a foreign language).

And then he was off . . . to new adventures at BYU. Thank you for sharing this adventure of a lifetime with Elder Miller and his family!