Monday, July 28, 2014

None of Us Saw this Coming! One Last Transfer! July 28, 2014

J's Baptism!

Well, this week we baptized!!! Again! Her name is J. She’s a young woman that’s been going to church for a while now and seminary, too. We taught her a few times off-and-on, but her mom is really strong in another church and she didn’t want to let her be baptized . . . But Thursday, we did a division with a member. Elder Bell went with the member, and me and Elder Frame (our new comp) went to talk to J’s mom. When we got there they were a little closed off, but we got them to warm up to us. ha We found [out] that the pastor of the other church had said a ton of bad stuff about our church and so we explained a ton of things and then talked about baptism. After about an hour the mom signed the "ficha batismal" [permission?] (I don’t know how to say it in English) and said she would be happy to support her daughter! :) 

On Sunday the whole family went to watch J’s baptism and they loved church, too. And now we have an appointment to teach them on Wednesday! 

Elder Frame? And???

As you probably noticed . . . Elder Jones went home :( But me and Elder Bell got a new greeny . . . Elder Frame, from Texas . . . he’s a cool guy. But he is already being transferred . . . and I’M BEING TRANSFERED TOO. How lame! ha I only have 4 weeks left and there sending me to another area. IDK [I don’t know] where yet, but they told me I’ll be zone leader and I’ll train another new ZL.  

Mom, your activity sounds good, Mom. It’s nice that the ward [stake] that functions so well. haha Oh, and its “tchau” not “ciao.” haha Do you know how much money I have in my bank, Mom? Wow, that’s weird [Weird that Bank of America is cancelling his debit card--due to possible compromise of some of their accounts. Cancelling it two weeks before he comes home!]. ha. But, yeah, I don’t like Bank of America. ha. And no, I won’t have extra bags. Ha

Dad, your rack looks like it’s coming along . . . IDK really what I’m seeing, but it looks like progress. I like how you rounded off the corners! It looks professional! It’s going to have a bench for like bench press, too, right? The cage will be sweet!!! Are you going to by an Olympic bar and weights? IDK how much [money he will need to last and get him home], Pops. Well, I think 200 should be fine. The only weird "bag" I’m bringing home is my guitar. And I know lots of missionaries have done the same. Apparently, you just take it on the plane with you and there isn’t any fee.

Ryan, your resume is awesome. You have a good amount of experience and talent. I’m sure it will get you the job! What is the job by the way? ha It’s a company in Scottsdale, but what do they do? I remember knocking doors in Scottsdale [summer sales] . . . it’s a rich area. ha 

Remi, sounds like you’ve been working hard. The yard looks good in the pic Mom sent. I couldn’t really see your glasses very well in the pic you sent, but from what I could see, they look good! Zack’s Court of Honor looks fun! Before you know it, that will be you!!! How’s the project coming along BTW [by the way]?? 

Well, I love you all!!  Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!

Elder Miller

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Highlight of My Mission July 21, 2014

Well, this week was incredible. 

Of course I’ll start with the temple. It was the highlight of my mission . . .

Words can’t explain the feeling I had as I watched A., D. and their two little boys, all in white, kneel at the altar and be sealed for time and all eternity. Everyone cried. ha After the ceremony, I hugged them before leaving the sealing room, and A. and D. whispered "thank you" in my ear. Wow.

I was one of the testimonies [witnesses?] for the sealing, and as I watched I couldn’t help but think back to their condition when we started teaching. They were so lost in the world, and the gospel completely transformed their lives. I feel so blessed to have participated in their conversion.

Also, we baptized!!!! R.! He was an elect that fell from heaven. We were on our way to an appointment and we passed a store. A lady came out and told us, "My friend lives in that house and her son wanted to talk to you . . . I think he said something about wanting to be baptized in your church." We three looked at each other and smiled ha. We went there immediately and R. let us right in and said, "How great you guys are here, I’ve been waiting to get baptized for a while now." ha

He used to go to church, but never was baptized because he smoked . . . but now it’s been three years that he hasn’t smoked, so we taught him this week and he was baptized on Sunday!!! ha Miracle!

Mom, I’m glad the foot’s better. Your clay lamps look good. What’s the article for the Ledger about? Next time a patron yells at you punch them in the face. That’s what I do when people are rude here. ha JK [Just kidding]

Pops, sounds like the power cage is coming along. You think you’ll be done by the time I’m home?? Thanks so much for getting the Corolla fixed up. I’m so excited to have a car. If you paint it whatever color is fine . . . I guess the original would be the easiest right? But if I had a request I’d love to have some good speakers. As long as it runs and I have music to listen to I’ll be set. ha

Ryan, Niagra Falls? How did you make it up there??? It looks awesome . . . I want to see it, too . . .  They say Iguaçu Falls dwarfs it though. :) ha And the pageant looks cool. I didn’t know that many people participated. Do they do it every week or what?

Remi, send a pic in your new glasses, Bro!!! I bet you look like a stud!! Can’t wait to beat you up when I get home!

Love you all, I’ll send lots of pics! (That I took at the Temple.)

Elder Miller

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Exciting Temple Trips! July 15, 2014


D’s  endowment was so special. The feeling I had in the Celestial Room was incredible! Looking at A. and D. all dressed in white. One short year ago, they were [baptized] and now they are on track toward the Celestial Kingdom. This gospel is incredible and without a doubt this is Christ’s church.

Their plan was to wait for C. (D’s mom) to take out her endowment and then get sealed in December . . . but after D’s endowment they decided they wanted to be sealed the quickest possible. TOMORROW at 3 o’clock they are going to be sealed, and I am so stoked!! (And yes, I get to go!)

This week we had 6 investigators at church and we are going to invite all of them to be baptized this week. ha We need to baptize more. This month has been poopy so far in the zone. Tuesday we are going to have to burn the zone for slacking off. ha But hopefully this week we have a lot of success.

Mom, I’m not sick anymore. ha How do the Elders eat there if the members don’t have investigators?? They probably starve if the members there are anything like the members here. [We are.] ha I thought about the reception thing and I think it be fine to just have it at home . . . I don’t really think many people will come, so it would be weird to have it at the chapel. [I hope our ward and stake prove him wrong!]

Dad, I am fine. ha I feel great. 100 percent. I’m excited to see your power cage, Dad. I’m excited to work out, too. This morning I did 20 pull-ups without an extreme amount of effort.

Ryan, send me a pic of your surgery. That’s crazy it severed the nerve. Were the sales good this week? I wanted to set you up on a date with Elder Jones' (my comp’s) sister. She’s [beautiful] and she’s studying in Ohio (She’s a doctor. ha), but she kind of has a bf [boy friend]. ha But if they break up you need to take her out.

Remi, it sounds like you’re making the most out of your summer! That’s awesome you know how to fix the lawn mower and trimmer. How many yards are you mowing?

Well, I love you all. I’ll send pics next week.

Elder Miller

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Missionary Fourth of July July 7, 2014

Fourth of July . . . Domino’s Pizza . . . and we sang the national anthem before eating! ha

So this week was pretty good. 

Last Saturday night we baptized Ga. and then on Sunday we confirmed her. She’s going strong and she’s already started singing in the choir.

We had 8 investigators at church. And all of them are progressing well. We should baptize this Sunday . . . I’m not sure who, but I have faith that we will have a baptism! ha 

Our family of three (G’s parents and sister) are progressing well. Tonight we are going to have another family home evening with them and hopefully this Sunday we can baptize the three of them :))

Also, I just got an email from A. and D. D. is taking out her endowments tomorrow!!! And President said I can go! I’m stoked. I can’t believe it’s been a year since her baptism already. 

Mom, Remi’s burger comment made me laugh. ha And it doesn’t matter to me when the open house is . . . or where ha . . .  either one would be fine. And I’m glad your foot is healing up. You’re getting laser treatments for your foot to heal faster? ha We are so blessed. 

Dad, the weight rack looks sweet! You’re very creative, you know. You drew it up on Google Sketch?? Is that a pulley system in the back?

Ryan, where is my email, Bro? I want to hear about your sales and your dating. Ha [Ryan did email back and forth this morning.]

Remi! You got glasses? Were you having a hard time reading? I’m glad you’ll be able to see better. Keep up the good work on the Eagle project, Bud . . . you need to finish!!!

I love you all . . . and I’m sending some pics of Ga.’s baptism. And . . . we found an owl that’s living close by the chapel and I got some sweet pics of her. Look what’s in her hand :)

Write me back!
Elder Miller

Mom: Any fun plans for the day?
Elder Miller: Yes.. sleep. Ha

[Postscript: Last week we were worried when Elder Miller had another high fever and vomiting and a third trip to the hospital. So I sent a message to the sweet Mom of his Mission. She followed up and sent me the picture above. I know he is in good hands. Today I asked him if he was angry about my asking the Sister Montiero to check up on him. He said no. But I did notice that he NEVER answered my question—I only asked him three times if he was feeling well!]