Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Como vai. The question mark on the keyboard doesn’t work! Ha! But hello!

Well, I love Brasil so far! The people are so cool, and the culture is awesome!

My flight was terrible, it was 11 hours and I only slept for two, so my first day was exhausting! But I did talk to the guy sitting next to me for a few hours about the first vision, Joseph Smith and the plan of salvation... basically I gave him the first three lessons and a pass-a-long card. It was a cool experience, and really opened my eyes to what I am hoping to be doing for the next two years!

I only have 30 minutes to email so I am stressing out! Ha! But the CTM is pretty cool. The schedule is different than what I am used to... but I love it! I’m learning the language very fast, I think, and I love all the guys in my district. My companheiro is Elder Farr and he is way chill. We get along really well and laugh a lot. The other guys in my district all met up with me in Atlanta before we flew out and they are so fun.

In class we have been working on singing How Firm a Foundation in Portuguese and we sound way GOOD! We’ve got the harmonies down and everything, so that is cool.

The pineapple here is sooo good, too. It’s called abacaxi. It’s fun to say. Ha!

This fast Sunday I also bore my testimony! So good job Remi!

Dad, I am glad macros are fun, I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not though.

And mom, I miss you and love you.

Today is my first P-day and it was pretty good! I woke up at 6 and we got to go to the templo! It was verry pretty inside. Then we got back, ate lunch, and got to go out and walk around the streets. My comp and I bought candy at the candy store here (its super good) and walked around the different shops and stuff. The culture is awesome, and Sao Paulo is HUGE. It seriously goes on forever. It’s like the 4th biggest city in the world I think; at least that’s what I heard.

But I love being here. I am so glad I came. I feel the spirit every day, and it has been an amazing adventure so far!

I am writing letters this week so I will be sending them next P-day. I hope you got my first letter, it has my address in there and it should be there this week if it’s not already.

I love you all so much and miss you a lot. Tell Truman hi for me and Ryan as well.
Please forward this email to him and anyone else that wants it.
I love you!
Love, Elder Miller

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