Monday, December 10, 2012

More from Ponta Grossa December 10, 2012

So, it’s the end of another week and I have tons to say again! First off, Dad the shed looks good! Mom way to go with job!!!!! Also, have you heard about the novel? Ryan, the ice caves sound fun! Also, I will be praying for you and that the surgery goes well, thanks for the advice to by the way. It’s funny I noticed a lot of what you said this week! Remi, I am sorry Mom and Dad are mean and don’t let you hang ornaments, but I love you even if they don’t! ; )
[Roni & Scott's defense: We did let Remi hang ornaments! He was just mad when we made him quit, so he "told" on us to big brother! LOL]
So this week we marked six more dates for baptism... we had to cut three that were already marked, but we worked hard and found 6 more people! This week we’re also having another marriage and baptizing 3 people on Sunday!! I love it haha

Missionary work is hard stuff though... Ryan what you said about retaining converts has been so true this week. Tonight we are having a special family home evening with two recent converts that need some help to say the wish me luck with that. ha

The language has been coming along really well. I can understand about half of the people here perfectly! And sometimes when people tell stories, I zone out and imagine the story they are telling in my head... but they are speaking in Portuguese; it’s crazy! ha IDK [I don’t know] if that made since, but I'm improving a lot with understanding. Still, there are people that I can only understand a few words here and there and guess at what they are saying... but for the most part it’s been going really well.

The teaching is a little hard, I feel like I’m not doing much in the lessons... I say very simple basic things and I’m sure it’s hard to understand me at times, but I know it will get better, and the people have all been nice and patient with me. I love the people here! They are very friendly, very humble and very teachable. The members here are hilarious too, they literally get mad at me if I don’t stuff my face at lunch (the big meal here is lunch, they don’t really eat dinner). Also, random fact... I ate chicken hearts this week ha. It’s funny though, we have to eat till they are satisfied, fortunately walking 20 miles a day with hills is keeping me in shape. And I have been working out in the mornings with our neighbor. He’s a kick boxer and does jujitsu and so we work out with punching bags and sprinting up hills and pushups... it’s been fun!!

Wow, it hard to type in English, my English is suffering here! ha A couple random facts... I did have another problem with a dog this week... fortunately not a pit-bull, it was a miniature pincher that had little-dog-syndrome, and I had to give him a good kick to avoid a bite (he flew haha). Also, I am tan!!! Only my forearms and face but I look pretty good ha. Also, I got the packages, Mom!! And a letter from you, I already set up the tree and I am so excited to open my presents on Christmas.

Well, that’s all for now. I love you all so much and you are all in my prayers,
I will send some picture really quick, too.
Love you!
Elder Miller

As we were walking to an appointment we saw this guy laying there... and I decided to saddle up.
haha Yeah, I lived through it; he was lazy. He did stand up for a minute and it got a bit scary, but I hopped off ha.

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