Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oiii! November 14, 2012

Oiii Mom, Dad, Remi and Ryan!!

Thank you for the letter, I did get it and read it this morning, so it’s all good! And Ryan I am looking forward to that package!!

The pictures I sent last week were of my Brazilian roommates, and we still have them for another week. They are some of the coolest people I have ever met!! The big one is an MMA fighter from Curitiba... so we have fun wrestling ha. I lose. And the other one is from way up north... They are two awesome guys. Elder Moraes is the big one and Souza is the shorter one. I’m sending more pics today to. They are of me and guys in my district and my roommates, and then one of me and one of my Brazilian friends here!

Mom thanks for the advice... I’m sure I will be saying, “I don’t know,” a lot ha... but probably in regards to the language!! But that is very true and good to hear, I will share it with my district tonight!

Remi mom and dad, I sent you all letters today and Ryan I’m sending one to you next week!

Remington... you need to write more in the letters or I will beat you up! And to answer your question, my favorite cookie at Cheney’s is the triple!! It's triple chocolate and super good!!

Dad good job on the shed, I want pics!! Mom I will pray for you to! Good luck with the novel!!!

Well, I am almost done with 10 percent of the mission... almost 2 months!!!! Crazy! I’m so ready to get out to Curitiba and actually teach and serve ha the CTM is making me crazy!!

Only 12 more days here ha so don’t send any letters after today... but my address is switching.

So I am almost done reading the book of Mormon cover to cover!!! It’s been so helpful in helping to strengthen my testimony, and probably the best goal I have made for myself since being here. I know I can finish this week!! But I would encourage you to do the same. It helps so much just reading every day.

Today we had a devotional, and the speaker was the area president of the First Quorum of the 70! It was awesome. He had so many awesome stories... my favorite was about a missionary that baptized 38 people on one day.... its inspiring!!! Ha

And we sang the Sisters and Zion, Armies of Helaman melody again... it’s one of my favorite songs, and it really invites the spirit!!

Pday was fun today. We talked to a lot of people. We talked to a huge group of teenagers and they were all way friendly! Then we talked to some people in the post office... mainly about how to send things, but I talked to a guy about the church for a minute too. He wasn’t very interested though ha. He shot me down. Then we talked to a homeless guy, and I think he was drunk, but I’m not sure... but I think he was, and that was a very hard conversation to understand ha.

Also this week, my district had an arm wrestling contest which I won... so be proud. And I learned a lot of Portuguese, mainly from staying up late and talking to my Brazilian roommates!!! They are awesome!!! Ha I love these guys, and most of the Brazilians here. They are all so friendly!

Well, I love you all so much!! Thank you for everything you do.

Elder Miller

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