Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First Day Proselyting November 21, 2012

Elder Miller's artwork from the CTM!
OIIII minha familia!!!

Mom... that is not the word for elder haha, Elder is the word for Elder. Haha [I will not put the word that the translator gave me as “elder,” for fear it is obscene!]

Anyway, it was so good to hear from you all this week!! Mom and Dad and Remi, I got the Mission Ties letter earlier in the week which was a nice surprise... and I got your Halloween card!! It was awesome to hear about conference again! hahaha

And Ryan, thanks for the letter! It was another nice surprise!!! It sounds like you’re doing well. Keep me posted on the job choice. I’m sure you will be awesome at any job you pick... but I think you will have more success with the pest control if you do it this year!  

Sooo… this week, Monday, we went proselyting for the first time!! My comp and I gave out five copies of the book of Mormon... talked to like 20 people... understood about 10. Got yelled at by a drunk... and I was hit on by a transvestite. It was FUN!

I’ll start with the books of Mormon. ha We had some good conversations with people about religion and just small talking. We talked to a few older people, two young boys flying a kite, a lady who owned a small shop for girls, a taxi driver, construction workers and a few others. A few people were speaking a different language though! Seriously! Because some, we could understand every word, and then others, we would get like 2 words out of 100 ha. It was weird, but super fun.

One lady we couldn’t understand super well, but we were having a good conversation with her none-the-less... But while we were talking, a drunk guy came up and was asking if we were from the church, and we said yes, and he started shaking his finger at us and yelling. ha So it was hard to finish our conversation and ignore him especially because she was a little hard to understand to begin with... but we did and gave her a BOM. So it turned out ok! Ha but if I hadn’t been a missionary... that drunk would have been in for it! Ha

So the highlight, or most unusual event, was definitely the transvestites. My comp saw two GIRLS sitting under some shade from a tree on the sidewalk, and he was like let’s go talk to them! Because people that are sitting are usually good one to talk to because they aren’t busy. So as we got closer... I noticed they were very weird looking girls, and by the time we said COMO VAI, we both realized they were not girls. They were men, with large chests... and 5 o’clock shadows... and deep voices. So we didn’t know what to do... then one of them looked at me, licked his lips, and said something inappropriate... so we left.

First day proselyting!!! Ha this should be a fun next few months! LOL

Anyway... not much else has happened beyond that. The language is coming along really well!! Or better than it was last week I guess. I am excited and nervous for the field, but I know it’s time to get to work!! We sang in the choir this week, “Where Can I Turn for Peace” and it sounded awesome! And my Brazilian roommates left for the field--dangit! I love those guys!

Other than that... the Temple was good today, and for P-day I bought a few things for you for Christmas, so I’ll be sending in next week hopefully, maybe today if I get it done in time! So don’t look! [At his bank account.] It probably won’t say anything anyway, or it’s in Portuguese if it does.

Anyway, I love you all and miss you too. Congrats on the second moving reindeer, Remi! And Mom how’s the writing? Good job, Dad, with the shed--keep it up!! And yes, Mom, we get turkey tomorrow!!! I love you all... Happy Thanksgiving!!

Elder Miller!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oiii! November 14, 2012

Oiii Mom, Dad, Remi and Ryan!!

Thank you for the letter, I did get it and read it this morning, so it’s all good! And Ryan I am looking forward to that package!!

The pictures I sent last week were of my Brazilian roommates, and we still have them for another week. They are some of the coolest people I have ever met!! The big one is an MMA fighter from Curitiba... so we have fun wrestling ha. I lose. And the other one is from way up north... They are two awesome guys. Elder Moraes is the big one and Souza is the shorter one. I’m sending more pics today to. They are of me and guys in my district and my roommates, and then one of me and one of my Brazilian friends here!

Mom thanks for the advice... I’m sure I will be saying, “I don’t know,” a lot ha... but probably in regards to the language!! But that is very true and good to hear, I will share it with my district tonight!

Remi mom and dad, I sent you all letters today and Ryan I’m sending one to you next week!

Remington... you need to write more in the letters or I will beat you up! And to answer your question, my favorite cookie at Cheney’s is the triple!! It's triple chocolate and super good!!

Dad good job on the shed, I want pics!! Mom I will pray for you to! Good luck with the novel!!!

Well, I am almost done with 10 percent of the mission... almost 2 months!!!! Crazy! I’m so ready to get out to Curitiba and actually teach and serve ha the CTM is making me crazy!!

Only 12 more days here ha so don’t send any letters after today... but my address is switching.

So I am almost done reading the book of Mormon cover to cover!!! It’s been so helpful in helping to strengthen my testimony, and probably the best goal I have made for myself since being here. I know I can finish this week!! But I would encourage you to do the same. It helps so much just reading every day.

Today we had a devotional, and the speaker was the area president of the First Quorum of the 70! It was awesome. He had so many awesome stories... my favorite was about a missionary that baptized 38 people on one day.... its inspiring!!! Ha

And we sang the Sisters and Zion, Armies of Helaman melody again... it’s one of my favorite songs, and it really invites the spirit!!

Pday was fun today. We talked to a lot of people. We talked to a huge group of teenagers and they were all way friendly! Then we talked to some people in the post office... mainly about how to send things, but I talked to a guy about the church for a minute too. He wasn’t very interested though ha. He shot me down. Then we talked to a homeless guy, and I think he was drunk, but I’m not sure... but I think he was, and that was a very hard conversation to understand ha.

Also this week, my district had an arm wrestling contest which I won... so be proud. And I learned a lot of Portuguese, mainly from staying up late and talking to my Brazilian roommates!!! They are awesome!!! Ha I love these guys, and most of the Brazilians here. They are all so friendly!

Well, I love you all so much!! Thank you for everything you do.

Elder Miller

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pictures from the CTM November 7, 2012

Elder Moraes, Elder Miller and Elder Souza
I wish I had names of all Elder Miller's friends, but I don't. I'm sure that these young men are all roommates and fellow CTM District members. So glad to see his happy face!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oiii minha familia! November 7, 2012

Oiii minha familia! Como vai!!!

Well this week was great. We got new Brazilian roommates (I scanned and sent pics) and they are awesome. My Portuguese is coming a long and I love talking to them at night before I fall asleep. They said I speak really well for only 6 and a half weeks so that’s encouraging!! Ha

It sounds like we have Obama again, dangit! Is it forshure? Maybe I will just stay in Brazil... ha

Dad! That answer was awesome!! I hope they don’t call you as general authority till I get back... I want to be there for that. haha

Mom I loved the story with Lorenzo Snow!! It would be so hard to be a missionary back then... I can’t even imagine!!

Remi!!!!! Happy 16 buddy. You are so old, you old fart you!!! I hope it was aweessoooomemee! What presents did you get!? Your party sounds so fun bud!! Wish I was there to celebrate, but I am having fun here and working hard.

Well, this week wasn’t too eventful. My district and I sang in devotional, and we nailed it!!! There are only ten of us, but we all sing decently well, and we belted out how firm a foundation with parts and everything. We had some awesome harmonies, and I felt the spirit so much when we sang the last verse in English... especially the part that says, “fear not I am with thee, oh be not dismayed, for I am thy God and will still give thee aid...” I loved it!!!

My bday was fun! Didn’t really do anything at all - ha- but my district sang happy bday to me in Portuguese and my pizza party was awesome, so thank you for that!! Mom and Dad I loved the present! [We knew Reece would not be able to receive packages while in the CTM, so we sent his gift and cards with him when he left. His gift was a nice journal to have the special people he meets sign for him.] It was such a good idea!! I haven’t even left the CTM yet and I have tons of people I want to write in it, so thank you!!! It's prefect. And thank you Mom and Dad and Remi and Ryan for the cards!!! It was good to feel the love!

I love you all and hope you are doing well. I miss you, but I am loving being a missionary. Thank you for the help support and love. Ryan... hang in there bro! I know it’s rough, but I love you. Remi happy bday again!!! 16!!! Thank you Mom and Dad for all you do.


Elder Miller

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween October 31, 2012

The B-day Pizza Party!

Oiii fam,

What’s the difference between the CTM and prison? You get visitors in prison. haha JK [Just Kidding] I love it here. I just finished reading the letter from Mission Ties... and then I will go to the pizza party!! [We sent Reece a Pizza Party through Mission Ties in honor of his birthday this coming Saturday.] Thank you so much!! I am doing it this week because two other guys got them in my district for Halloween, so we’re doing one huge party -ha- it will be fun.

So the hurricane? I hope it’s not too bad, sounds like it was fine, but keep me posted! Anyway... to answer questions. First the toilets don’t spin the other way... they just go straight down... when they are not clogged LOL 3000 missionaries take a toll on the plumbing. Mom, vote for Obama for me please.... I feel like his policies are what America needs right now and I prayed a lot about it... haha JK!! Romney, duh! Also, I don’t know what the Southern Cross is?

Fun facts of the week: The A/C is still broken, so I have been barely sleeping at all!! And I wake up soaked in sweat, and with lots of bug bites!! It's great -ha. In the computer lab this week, we are allowed to look at genealogy, and I traced mine all the way back to Charlemagne and Adam and Eve!! I'm sure you already knew that mom... but I wonder how accurate it is -ha.

Dad, I’m sorry work wasn’t good today!! Thank you for working hard to support us anyway, Dad I love you! And I wish I could have had a caramel apple!

Well Ryan, I am so jealous of the snow!! I wish it was snowing here... it gets old being drenched in sweat everyday -ha- but none the less, my spirits are high and the ship is in ship shape.

Remi!! Good job with the lawn. I’m sure you will do better trimming the bushes next time!! And the sweatshirt thing made me laugh!! [I told Reece about a conversation Remington and I had about needing a sweatshirt the first morning we encountered 40 degree weather, when Remi changed his mind quickly once he got outside.]

So have you all heard the talk by Jeffrey R. Holland about the Book of Mormon? We watched it this week and it was SO good! That man can speak with power! He is my favorite speaker ever. But you should watch it if you haven’t seen it. I felt the spirit so much from it.

Well I love you all so much. I miss you and I wish we were together for Halloween and all our B-days... but I am loving Brazil and being a missionary. Thanks again for the pizza... Oh and I got the B-day card with the pics yesterday too, it was so nice!!! Ryan I am jealous!! Your trip looked so fun. [Ryan just got home from a BYUI study abroad program in Europe.] And congrats Remi on the court of honor... get that Eagle bud!!!

Love you all,

Elder Miller
 [Elder Reece mentioned a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland: Here is a video link to a portion of that talk: And here is the link to the full text of the talk:"Jeffrey+R.+Holland"]