Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween October 31, 2012

The B-day Pizza Party!

Oiii fam,

What’s the difference between the CTM and prison? You get visitors in prison. haha JK [Just Kidding] I love it here. I just finished reading the letter from Mission Ties... and then I will go to the pizza party!! [We sent Reece a Pizza Party through Mission Ties in honor of his birthday this coming Saturday.] Thank you so much!! I am doing it this week because two other guys got them in my district for Halloween, so we’re doing one huge party -ha- it will be fun.

So the hurricane? I hope it’s not too bad, sounds like it was fine, but keep me posted! Anyway... to answer questions. First the toilets don’t spin the other way... they just go straight down... when they are not clogged LOL 3000 missionaries take a toll on the plumbing. Mom, vote for Obama for me please.... I feel like his policies are what America needs right now and I prayed a lot about it... haha JK!! Romney, duh! Also, I don’t know what the Southern Cross is?

Fun facts of the week: The A/C is still broken, so I have been barely sleeping at all!! And I wake up soaked in sweat, and with lots of bug bites!! It's great -ha. In the computer lab this week, we are allowed to look at genealogy, and I traced mine all the way back to Charlemagne and Adam and Eve!! I'm sure you already knew that mom... but I wonder how accurate it is -ha.

Dad, I’m sorry work wasn’t good today!! Thank you for working hard to support us anyway, Dad I love you! And I wish I could have had a caramel apple!

Well Ryan, I am so jealous of the snow!! I wish it was snowing here... it gets old being drenched in sweat everyday -ha- but none the less, my spirits are high and the ship is in ship shape.

Remi!! Good job with the lawn. I’m sure you will do better trimming the bushes next time!! And the sweatshirt thing made me laugh!! [I told Reece about a conversation Remington and I had about needing a sweatshirt the first morning we encountered 40 degree weather, when Remi changed his mind quickly once he got outside.]

So have you all heard the talk by Jeffrey R. Holland about the Book of Mormon? We watched it this week and it was SO good! That man can speak with power! He is my favorite speaker ever. But you should watch it if you haven’t seen it. I felt the spirit so much from it.

Well I love you all so much. I miss you and I wish we were together for Halloween and all our B-days... but I am loving Brazil and being a missionary. Thanks again for the pizza... Oh and I got the B-day card with the pics yesterday too, it was so nice!!! Ryan I am jealous!! Your trip looked so fun. [Ryan just got home from a BYUI study abroad program in Europe.] And congrats Remi on the court of honor... get that Eagle bud!!!

Love you all,

Elder Miller
 [Elder Reece mentioned a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland: Here is a video link to a portion of that talk: And here is the link to the full text of the talk:"Jeffrey+R.+Holland"]

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