Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Flu? June 2, 2014

Well, there is a ton of stuff I need to say this week!!

First off.... HAPPY B-DAY, RYAN!! I sent you an email already but I’m saying it again in this one! Love you, Bro.

Also, this week I got SWINE FLU! It was awesome. ha Remember how I said I was feeling sick last Monday... Well, it got worse and I had to go to the hospital and I found out that it was H1N1. haha And while I was there I got three prescriptions and two shots … in the… And to make it even better, a young cute nurse was kind enough to give me them. It was awkward and it hurt so bad. ha But I’m all better now and I’m back in ship shape. I think I was blessed with a quick recovery.

Also, while I was sick we found a DOMINOS PIZZA in the phonebook that delivers to our area, so we got two pizzas!!!! It was so good. I couldn’t taste it very well, but it still made my week. I’ll send a pic.

Dominoes Pizza in Curitiba!
Comfort food for a sick Elder.

This week Elder Loyola was transferred. The new Americans who got their visas came and Elder Loyola went to finish his training in another area and we picked up Elder Linzsey. He’s from Boston, Massachusetts and he is way cool.

This week we found an awesome family of 6 that went to church. Also, we confirmed G., and his mom and little sister (who is 8 :)) went to church to see his confirmation.

Yesterday, there was a stake conference for another stake, in our chapel (They used ours because it’s huge.) and then our meetings were at 3 in the afternoon. I taught gospel principles for the 4th time in a row, and lots of people told me they liked the class afterwards. 

Then later I noticed one of the investigators from Autodromo (my last area) was there and I knew the missionaries were teaching him. He had been to church like 6 times but didn’t want to be baptized. I asked him if we could talk and I interviewed him for like an hour and a half and answered a bunch of questions he had, and then I invited him to be baptized and he accepted! It was like a miracle baptism! ha And the Elders were stoked when I called them to tell them he accepted the invitation to be baptized! ha He was baptized at 10:00 o’clock last night! (We got permission. ha)

Mom, congrats on the 50-miler you two are bosses!

Dad, the cabinets look great! You have skills!

Ryan, happy b-day again!!

Remington, you’re awesome, Bud! 50 MILES! ha [Cycling Merit badge for Boy Scouts] That’s crazy!!!

Well, I love you all!!!
Elder Miller

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