Monday, June 23, 2014

Temple and Toast Days June 23, 2014

                                                                 The Curitiba Temple                                                              

So this week was ok . . . Our new comp is Elder Jones, from California!! He’s way cool and super chill. He is already speaking the language well and we’re working well together. 

Our baptism fell through this week, but he still went to church on Sunday. We don’t really understand why he doesn’t want to be baptized, and we tried our best to help him.  We are going to invite him this Sunday to watch our other baptism and hopefully that helps. 

The "other baptism’s" name is G. and she is great.  She is 17 and has been to church several times. Two weeks ago, her cousin who is a member presented us to her and we have been teaching her ever since. She is progressing well and yesterday she accepted the invitation to be baptized the coming Sunday. We have been to teaching her mom, too, and hopefully she will be baptized as well next next Sunday.

Elders Jones, Miller and Bell with E. and L. 
at the Curitiba Temple.

Also, we went to the temple this week with E. and L. (Ga’s parents) we have been teaching them for a while now and they are progressing well. L. is very Catholic and we have been working to help her gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She still hasn’t quite got one. E. believes it true but still has the mindset that every church is good and that you just need to do your best to be a good person and you will be saved. Ha But, I know they will be baptized and when they are, they will never leave the church!! And probably will be great leaders, too.

And to answer questions – Elder  Jones is my 6th son [trainee].

Mom, your foot looks pretty nasty. But I’m glad it’s getting better. So did you find a bike yet?? What kind of bike do you want? Like a road bike with skinny tires? I forgot you are still doing your classes online. Are they going well?? Don’t worry mom, I’m feeling great, and I still have plenty of money, too. ha And yes mom, there are three comps [computers] here so we all can email at the same time.

Dad, I’m glad Grandma and Rodney are doing well. They are always in my prayers. Is Rodney enjoying his group home?

Ryan, I’m sorry you were attacked by a dog . . . you should have kicked it in the face . . . you get good practice at kicking dogs here in Brasil. ha It looks like you got stitches? Three? And did the people at least buy from you??? That’s sweet you voice-texted that email. Your phone must be pretty legit.

Remi, what’s The Lego Movie about? I haven’t heard of it yet?? That’s sweet you went to youth conference! Where were your dorms at??? Who were your roommates?
hahaha You fell in the pool, Remi?? hahaha Remi, you’re hilarious!

Love you all,
Elder Miller
                                                   We made French toast . . . and lots of it!                                            

                                                    Araucaria tree. They are way cool.                                            

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