Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup Missionaries June 16, 2014

The "Honey Moon" from Curitiba.
Well, this week was good. We worked hard and got a lot done. We had six investigators at church, and we marked a baptismal date with a Haitian man we are teaching. His name is D. and he doesn’t speak any Portuguese, but he speaks English pretty well. It’s been weird teaching in English. ha Quite challenging. ha
We have been teaching G’s family for a while now and they are progressing really well. We had a family home evening with them last Monday night and it went really well. They had asked us what it means to be Mormon . . .  and so we put together an awesome lesson with videos and lots of examples and it went really well. The wife made us apple pie the other day!!! It was so good. So, to thank them we made cookies. ha They all went to church yesterday and liked it a lot. We’re going by again tonight to teach them :) I’m stoked.
All my "sons" in our zone.

 Our zone.

We got transfer calls. Me and Elder Bell are staying and will continue being zone leaders . . . but Elder Linzey is being transferred. :( He’s way cool and will be missed . . . Me and Elder Bell are going to get another greenie to train. ha We already have three “kids” together! haha

Oh! The World Cup started finally and it’s been crazy. The first time Brasil played the whole city stopped. We tried working (They said we could try if we wanted or we could study inside). We were out trying to do street contacts and there was nobody in the street . . . then Brasil scored the first goal . . . and we heard the crescendo (IDK how to spell that) of screams. It was weird . . . I’ve never seen anything like it. ha The whole neighborhood went nuts and after everyone screamed for a minute everyone started throwing fireworks out the windows. Ha So we went home and studied . . . but by the end of the game we knew Brasil had scored three goals. ha It was easy to tell every time.

"Sad to be stuck inside during the Brasil game, instead of out teaching."

The states will play today. I hope they do well. I’ve told several people they are going to beat Brasil . . . even though I know it’s not likely. ha I have faith, though.

Mom, how’s the foot? [Foot surgery.] I’ll let Elder Linzey know you said happy b-day. We are going to buy him a cake. Thanks, BTW, for putting money in my account! ha I  loved the pics. The wall’s [summer reading program decorations at the library] very creative. I thought it was hilarious that Remi was in the fridge the background- ha -just where I left him. [In Remi’s defense he was making his poor, gimpy Mom lunch!]

Dad, I sent you an email for Father’s Day. But I’ll say it again here. I love you, Pops! You are the best dad in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 Ryan, how are the sales, Bro? And the dates?

 Remi, congrats on the merit badge . . . You're almost done!!!!

 Love you all,

 Elder Miller


Happy Father’s Day. If you have a minute, watch this video. I saw it this week and it made me think of you. Watch it before reading the rest of the email.

There is a quote I love right at the start by James E. Faust that says, "Noble fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the divine."

I am so blessed to have you for a father. You always provided for me and loved me unconditionally. You have taught me with patience and kindness. Thank you, Dad for all that you do. Because of your wonderful example as a father, I feel like I better comprehend my Father in Heaven’s love for me. I hope to be a father as good as you one day.

Love you, Pops,

Elder Miller

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