Monday, June 30, 2014

Not Just World Cup Fever Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yep, today is P-day . . . and, yep, it’s because of the game. Brasil plays today against Chile. We can’t watch it though :( It’s just pointless to work when Brasil is playing . . . because everyone is watching the game . . . and drinking. ha

The bad news: Well, I’m sick again . . . for the third time . . . I woke up on Tuesday with a fever of 102. And when it went up to 103 I went to the hospital AGAIN. Three times this month. IDK [I don't know] what’s wrong with me . . . But I feel a little better and hopefully after this week I’ll be back to ship shape.

But the good news: We are going to baptize today. G. (the cousin of a member) is 17 and she has been going to church off and on for a year. The missionaries had never taught her, but when she came to church three weeks ago we marked an appointment and we’ve been teaching her ever since. And this week we invited her to be baptized and she accepted . . . And Thursday we had a long lesson with the mom, because she didn’t want to let her be baptized. It was probably the hardest lesson of my mission . . . because it was a battle . . . and I had a fever of 102. ha At one point I told her, "Your daughter isn’t asking if she can use drugs . . . she’s not asking if she can go to some sketchy party and get drunk . . . she asking if she can follow Christ . . . and you don’t want to let her???" ha Fortunately, she understood and said she would support G. (If she was just a year older she wouldn’t have to ask. ha) But her cousin and aunts and uncles will take good care of her (They are all members of the church . . . and one is a bishop.).

Also, I got an email from A. and M. [Of chicken-cooking fame in Autodromo!] this week. ha I love them. Dad, try and translate this:

Oi meu amigo! Nos te amamos, e somos gratos a DEUS por telo conhecido, que DEUS conceda tudo que  teu coração desejar, somos gratos e presto meu testemunho que tua fé e verdadeira no senhor JESUS CRISTO.  E temos visto o amor de  JESUS CRISTO em minha familha. Thank you, thank you, thank you  . . . As palavras são poucas p/agradecer.
Hello my friend, we love you.

That email made my day. Ha It’s been a rough week . . . actually a rough month. I’ve been sick three times, and I’ve been feeling a lot of weight on my shoulders, too . . . there have been lots of problems in the zone. And training two Americans back-to-back (My Portuguese is suffering. haha). IDK It’s just been a rough month . . . but I know it will get better. We’re going to baptize tonight . . . so that will help!

Mom, congrats on driving again and getting out of the house! And thank you for emailing today . . I was worried I wouldn’t have an email. Ha [Thanks to Sister Montiero letting parents know on Facebook!]

Remi, way to do those chores. ha How’s your yard business been doing? You making some money still??

Dad, looks like you passed out ha, send me an email from work if you have time. [Dad did, of course!]

Ryan, how are the sales???  

Well, I love you all. If you have time to send an email—back I’ve got about 45 minutes left. 

Love you!!!!

[We were all able to email him back a few times. But I don't know if he saw my emails or not...]

Hey, Pops and Remi. Remi, yes, I read our email, Bud.

And Dad I forgot you don’t work today . . . If I get sick again I will def[initely] want to see a doctor when I get home.

The U.S. will play Belgium here in a few days . . . They made it past the first phase and apparently are playing well.

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