Monday, June 9, 2014

An "uneventful" week? 9 June 2014

Well, this week wasn’t too eventful. On Thursday night I got sick again. ha I woke up and threw up a ton but by Saturday I was fine. ha It was just like a stomach flu or something. A few good things happened though. Three of our investigators went to church and loved it. One lady we took cried during Sacrament meeting. Also, F., my recent convert got the Priesthood and next Sunday he is going to bless the Sacrament. (We gave him a white shirt and tie to use :)) 

Also, we were able to finally make an appointment with a man named F. that’s been going to church for a few months now, but he has never let us go by his house. ha (I think he is scared of us!) But yesterday he gave me and Elder Bell, Brasil jackets that are sweet and we marked a day to go by and make cookies with him and watch the movie on the restoration. He is super nice and his daughter is already a member, so he has been going with her these past few months. We really want to help him become a member and I know he already knows the church is true. 

Also, I just got an email from one of my recent converts in Tamandaré, A. . . . remember him? He just told me that he started working on his mission papers!!!! Woo! And it sounds like this month I’ll get to see D’s endowment, too!!!

Mom, those talks sound splendid. I miss our ward . . . I think everything works smoothly there. That will be nice to have a three-week “break.” ha, I’ll be praying that all goes well with your foot :)   I’ll for sure do something for Elder Linzey on his b-day. I’m currently poor, so if you put money in my account that would be great. And yes there are quite a few things I’d like to get before I leave . . . most for you guys. I already have a good amount of souvenirs, but there are a couple things I need to get for you all.

Dad, it’s good to hear the garage is coming along. The power rack looks pretty cool . . . you think it’s as strong as a metal one, though?? Elder Linzey is adjusting well . . . He’s really funny and has the same sense of humor that Sam [one of Reece’s best friends] does, so we get along well.

Ryan, I liked the Corvette pic. ha Maybe you could trade the Civic in? And congrats on the diploma. It’s official now. You need to get it framed. ha Is that other pic of the girl you’ve been dating? She’s kinda of cute, but I think you could probably do a little better, Bro. But whatever makes you happy, man.

Ryan's third picture.
I’m sure you will pick up quite a few things [Portuguese] on our trip . . . just try and get down phrases to start off and vocab, too. Do you know what day we are going to leave? There are lots of people that would be more than willing to let us stay with them. ha

Remi, it’s summer!!! Woo! What are you going to do with all your free time??? Don’t let Dad forget about all the work he needs to do in the garage. ha 

Well, I’m attaching some pics...
Love you all,

Elder Miller

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