Monday, July 7, 2014

A Missionary Fourth of July July 7, 2014

Fourth of July . . . Domino’s Pizza . . . and we sang the national anthem before eating! ha

So this week was pretty good. 

Last Saturday night we baptized Ga. and then on Sunday we confirmed her. She’s going strong and she’s already started singing in the choir.

We had 8 investigators at church. And all of them are progressing well. We should baptize this Sunday . . . I’m not sure who, but I have faith that we will have a baptism! ha 

Our family of three (G’s parents and sister) are progressing well. Tonight we are going to have another family home evening with them and hopefully this Sunday we can baptize the three of them :))

Also, I just got an email from A. and D. D. is taking out her endowments tomorrow!!! And President said I can go! I’m stoked. I can’t believe it’s been a year since her baptism already. 

Mom, Remi’s burger comment made me laugh. ha And it doesn’t matter to me when the open house is . . . or where ha . . .  either one would be fine. And I’m glad your foot is healing up. You’re getting laser treatments for your foot to heal faster? ha We are so blessed. 

Dad, the weight rack looks sweet! You’re very creative, you know. You drew it up on Google Sketch?? Is that a pulley system in the back?

Ryan, where is my email, Bro? I want to hear about your sales and your dating. Ha [Ryan did email back and forth this morning.]

Remi! You got glasses? Were you having a hard time reading? I’m glad you’ll be able to see better. Keep up the good work on the Eagle project, Bud . . . you need to finish!!!

I love you all . . . and I’m sending some pics of Ga.’s baptism. And . . . we found an owl that’s living close by the chapel and I got some sweet pics of her. Look what’s in her hand :)

Write me back!
Elder Miller

Mom: Any fun plans for the day?
Elder Miller: Yes.. sleep. Ha

[Postscript: Last week we were worried when Elder Miller had another high fever and vomiting and a third trip to the hospital. So I sent a message to the sweet Mom of his Mission. She followed up and sent me the picture above. I know he is in good hands. Today I asked him if he was angry about my asking the Sister Montiero to check up on him. He said no. But I did notice that he NEVER answered my question—I only asked him three times if he was feeling well!]

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