Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pode crer! March 31, 2014

Oii todo mundo!!!
Well, I’m going to brief today... here in a couple of hours I’m getting transferred... and my comp is too... and we still have to clean the house and say bye to a few recent converts.
We baptized this week!! We have been working with a family of four. A. is a returned missionary that fell away from the church after the mish and Al. is his soon to be wife. Her two daughters from her previous married, Ali. and N., who are twins... were baptized this week!! And Al. will be baptized in April when they get married. It was sad to say goodbye yesterday, but they want us both to come back to see her baptism!
The zone had a great week and I feel like the transfer ended really well. I’m excited to see where I go now!

It looks like you had a great week with Lana and Bob... It looks like he got burned! ha I bet mom turned on her Southern accent this week... Am I right, Dad??

Mom, I don’t think I have any bio credit... I didn’t do AP in high school and at Rexburg I never took bio... just science foundations. I think I prefer whichever is easier to start off... maybe Bio? IDK but it shows that I have some bio credit too? I’m confused. Ha

I see a Portuguese reading and comprehension 202 class that says is not for returned missionarios... but its marked as planned... actually there are a few Portuguese classes... I only want to take one? ha

Thanks for keeping the classes after 10. ha That’s perfect. I want to get a longboard so I can make it to class quickly. ha

And you keep saying exercise sciences... I want health sciences... is it the same thing?? [No, they are not the same thing, but Elder Miller was the one who put that major on his application!]
Dad, I want an Orange Julius so bad... when I get back... I’d love to have Poppa John’s pizza the first night... in the morning French toast with one of your Orange Julius’ and then for lunch… Your BBQ burgers!! With milkshakes!!! And at night Mom's tilapia and asparagus... I miss American food. haha
Maybe you could also check out "cross fit" training videos... they focus on form and teach how to weightlift properly! I always watched them before the mish.

I think you could use 1 Kings 19:11-12 to help your converts... I’ve never read it in English, but in Portuguese it’s good to help people recognize the answers they have already been given. Or ask him how he feels when he reads the Book of Mormon... usually people say calm or peaceful... and then you can use Galatians 5:22 to explain that such feeling come from the Spirit. IDK... Hope that helps
Remington... you are huge bud. In the pics you look like a man... and I think you’ve got some gnarly peach fuzz going on. That’s awesome you’re changing the lawn mower blade by yourself. I miss Legos, Bud... make a Lego temple and send me a pic! Ok?!

Love you all!
Until next week,
Elder Miller

The back-and-forth between Elder Miller and his Dad:

Scott: What a great week. I’m so happy for that RM. And I’m glad you are there so you could be a conduit for the Spirit in his life. 
So, it’s weird they’re transferring both of you. They always leave one behind to train the new guy on the area. Any idea why?

Elder Reece: It might be a "pink wash"... two sisters. There are a ton of sisters arriving and they probably want to give the smaller areas to them.
Also, President is changing the “one zone leader" thing and going back to having two... so I might be going to another area in the zone with an Elder who has more time on the mission who will be a zone leader with me… IDK.

Scott: Cool. Pink wash. Ha. You have a short time left. Burn it up! 

Elder Reece: I think I’m headed to my last area today... weird.

Scott: That is really weird. It will come to an end. And then you’ll get all the American food and vacation fun and college life and future planning you can handle. So, knowing this, give your full self to what you’re doing. More people need you there. And you won’t be back—not as an energetic young man with a call to preach.

Elder Reece: yeah... I’m actually a little sad right now... I’m going to work hard and finish strong... Pode crer!

Scott: Pode crer—you better believe it? You can believe it?
 I remember that feeling. I didn’t want to be a missionary forever (I wanted to marry your mom and have you), but I loved it. Even if you try to be a nice guy and care about others, you just never get that luxury of losing yourself in His service so completely. Life kind of gets in the way a bit. But that’s how life is, and you’ll have ways to serve Him.

Elder Reece:
Yep, basically. [On the, “pode crer.”]

And yeah I feel like I’m starting to understand all the weird feelings of the mission ha. It’s an emotional roller coaster. But my time is up, Dad... I’m [going to] go clean our house and say bye to a couple families. I love you, Pops!!! You’re the best dad ever! Have a great week!

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