Monday, April 7, 2014

Where in Brazil is Elder Miller? 7 April 2014

This must be a picture from Autodromo. 
Elder Miller didn't tell us who the beautiful family is!


I’m in my new area... Capão Da Imbuia with my new companion Elder Moody from Orem Utah... He’s in his last transfer and I’m training him as Zone Leader. We are working really well together!

So this week we baptized... a man named J. He is extremely poor, but he wanted to be baptized and he has a strong desire to choose the right! He had already been to church before I got here, but this week we taught him the commandments... He used to drink a lot, but a year ago he stopped drinking. When we taught him the word of wisdom the only problem he had was coffee and when we invited him to live the word of wisdom.. He said "you mean stop drinking coffee? Ok." ha He is way funny.

Before his baptism he had a huge beard and messy hair... So I offered to give him a makeover ha. I asked if I could cut his hair and while I was cutting it I asked if I could shave off his beard too and he said "sure" ha. He looks way younger and is a lot happier.... 

Elders Miller and Moody with J.

His baptism was way funny too, because he’s got bad legs and he wasn’t wanting to lean back because he thought he would slip, so it was like a wrestling match to get him under the water. ha But it all worked out and he watched all four session of conference with us. He’s a great guy. ha

Conference was good... I didn’t watch the Priesthood session, but my favorite talk was the one by Elder Zwick of the Quorum of the Seventy about his wife that jumped from the truck. haha

I heard Justin Bieber got punched in the face by a basketball player... can someone tell me more about that... that sounds hilarious! [Scott looked it up and told Elder Miller it was just a rumor.]

I don’t know still what day I’m getting home... I know it will be around the 20th of August but I’m still waiting to find out. I’m stoked to be there for Remi's court of honor... Has he already done his project, though? So you’re going to tackle bike rides with Remi? ha Good luck! And the cooking merit badge is probably a good idea... I don’t know whether or not the Seventy was Brasilian because I watched in Portuguese... so I didn’t hear their accents... only the translator’s voice ha.

Please, ask about my major... exercise science sounds like a PE teacher degree... ha So if it’s not dental school material please change it to health sciences. I’d like the Portuguese and art minor thing if you could help me with that... and biology sounds like a good choice for my first semester...

What did you eat this time at Seasons 52? What was your fav talk from conference... We didn’t watch the Priesthood session and we got to the Saturday morning session late... which was a huge bummer because Jeffrey R. Holland is my fav speaker hands down! I only heard the end of his talk :(

Ryan, you’re selling again?! Awesome... I hope it goes well! I like your idea of real estate investing!  Was Brother B. sad you left? Andy had a kid already? That’s crazy! haha I’m still not 100 percent sure what day I’ll be getting home... I think the 20th of August, but I won’t find out for another week or two.

Remi, work hard and get your Eagle, boy!!! We need to be a family of Eagles!! I liked Thomas S. Monson's talk, too! Work hard to finish those bike rides and try not to leave Mom in the dust! I’m super excited to be there for your court of honor!

My time’s up! I love you all! Until next week!!!!!

No cats were harmed in the making of this blog.

From the back-and-forth:
Ryan: hahaha Where did you find that cat? I'm guessing it's a stray that wandered in your apartment to be tortured. haha We had a stray cat at our apartment complex in Daytona Beach. Luke Palmer named it Meowth (after the pokemon) and one of the Elders we lived with would always torture the poor cat.

Elder Miller: ha We didn’t torture the cat… I just was petting it and I pulled its face back and took a pic. ha

Mom: So you have a co-zone leader? Cool. Are you still a district leader? And it's a different zone, right?

It’s the same zone. I just moved to another area (It’s really close to my last one.) And, yes, I’m still district leader, too. ha

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