Monday, April 28, 2014

Lost in Translation 28 April 2014

So this week was good.

We didn’t baptize the three boys, because they moved to another area, :( but it’s for the better. They will be living with their aunt who is a member of the church and shortly they will be baptized.

On Monday we found a young man... F. who is 20 years old, while we were knocking doors. He is super elect and we took him to church this Sunday and he loved it. When we were teaching him, he told us after the first vision that "all his doubts were cleared up." We are for sure going to baptize him this Sunday :) and we had a few other investigators too!! I think May will be a good month!

On Saturday we went to the temple because our mission reached the baptismal goal! We had to wake up at 5 so I was a little grump at first ha... but when we got there I ran into A.!! He was there taking out endowments for members in his family... (Since he took his endowment out he has woken up every Saturday at 4 in the morning and done three sessions) it was so good to see him there. He gave me a name of a member of his family and we sat together and ate lunch together afterwards, too :)

Last night we went to Pinhais to do a baptismal interview and a young girl I interviewed last week asked me to baptize her and her brother did too... so I got to baptize... BUT the girl is scared of water... so it was complicated. I baptized the boy first and then the girl... but it took about 30 minutes of gentle coaxing (is that a word? I think it is ha) one of the sisters put on baptismal clothes and got in the font too. haha It was awesome. We said a prayer with her and then started talking with her. It reminded me of teaching Remi how to swim. The water was FREEZING and I had to kneel down with her. But finally she was baptized and it all worked out.

Mom, sorry I didn’t understand your essay idea ha... I thought you wanted it to be like a funny quote thing…you are a great mom! [I did want funny, but he called me an “old, knitting cat lady!” Humph! I crochet!] You can pull something mushy out of my letter though. [I got a great letter this week for my birthday--all is forgiven!] I’m excited for art classes... they should be fun! And yep it’s Elder Moody’s last email! ha He’s a little trunky! And yeah, he is a way nice guy.
And that sounds like you and Remi are having fun on your adventures. That gator was BIG. Minha nossa. How do you plan on tackling the 50 miler? Good luck! ha

Dad, I didn’t get the pics of your weight set? Have you started using it yet? It sounds like you made good progress on the garage. I’m excited to see how it turns out. 

Ryan, way to go on the sales bro!! You are going to be rich at this rate!!! If you want to buy me a welcome-home Lamborghini, feel free to do so. Are there any cute girls in your ward?? And I was happy to hear Belmont has a good amount haha. We can do lots of contacts and get referrals and what not to expand our teaching groups. ha

Remi you are a trooper! Way to ride 12 miles (12 right?) [No, 25!] you’re almost done!!! If you finish before I get home I will give you a sweet present!!! From Brazil!!!

Love you all,
Elder Miller

ha No, I don’t have any pics. Next week I will, though. Actually, I have one but it’s a little inappropriate. ha It this popular construction company here... but nobody knows what it means in English ha. Elder Eddington, that went home a few months ago, sent it to me. ha

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