Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dia de Tiradentes P-day on Tuesday April 22, 2014

Well, this week is going well. We found some really good investigators! And we are working with three brothers that hopefully will be getting baptized this week!

Yesterday A. and D. and R. and R. came to see me and brought me chocolate for Easter! I love that family!! Since A. endowment he has done 8 more sessions!!! And participated in 100 sealings!! He’s on fire!! And D. and C. will be taking out their endowments shortly :)

We had a conference this morning and it was good to see all my companions. I feel like I have really made a difference here in the mission and I am so happy I chose to serve.

The secretaries called me this week to ask which airport is closest to our house. ha Trunky. I’ll be getting home on the 25th of August,... actually the 26th I think... but I’ll be leaving here on the 25th.

Mom, I still didn’t get the package. I looked today and it hasn’t arrived yet but that’s alright... I have lots of chocolate here that we can live off of until the package gets here. I want corn on the cob. haha That pic just made me hungry, Mom!!! I’ll send the email right now to the art department… hopefully I can remember how to spell. lol

Dad... 163 grams of protein sounds like a lot! But that’s cool... I’m excited to bulk up when I get back. I got a pull-up bar from another Elder this last week and I have been going to town on pull-ups and curl ups... trying to get buff ha. [When asked how many, Elder Miller said, "17 real pull ups (going all the way down and up) and probably a little bit more with curl upsI do weighted pushups with a box of 50 books of Mormons hahah!!! Who knew the Book of Mormon could help you get spiritually AND physically strong."] You’re looking way skinny in the pics Mom sent.. and those steaks looks good!!!!!

Ryan.. It sounds like you are happy and positive and selling well!! I liked that instagram pic of the temple, too... What temple is it? Pianist??? You must be playing well... I’ve learned two songs in the mish.. "Abide with Me ‘tis Eventide" and "Ye Elders of Israel." What songs do you play??? Good luck on the networking this week... Try and expand your teaching group quickly ;) haha

Remi.. I love hearing that you took a shower, brushed your teeth used mouth wash and changed your socks... that information is vital. haha. I love you, bud. How’s the Scout stuff???? I loved the pic of you and the park ranger bud... way to go!

Love you all!!!!
Elder Miller

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