Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jardim Botânico de Curitiba 14 April 2014

Elders Miller and Moody-Courtesy of Elder Moody's Mom!
This week was good... we worked hard and found a few new investigators. We confirmed J. and he's doing really well. We’ve also been working with a few recent converts and me and Elder Moody are getting a long well and working hard!

The zone is having lots of success and I went on a division with one of the other district leaders this week to help him out. It was fun and at night we bought pizza! ha

What is that brand of soda?

Also, this morning we went to the Botanical Gardins and took a bunch of pics! I’ll send lots this time!

 Elder Miller "kissing the baby" like the statue behind him.

Elder Moody just got his itinerary and flight plans. haha He's trunky now.

Mom! I think an art class would be cool! I know genealogy is important, but I think I’ll take it later on (like second or third semester). What other religion classes are there? And I’m stoked for my package!!
Dad!  Well I still have a ton of Sisters in my zone... It’s the same zone... It’s the biggest in the mission and half the missionaries are Sisters... also our district is all Sisters I’m still a district leader, too. ha

I love that you’re getting super into weightlifting! You’re gunna get buff!!! How much protein do you consume daily? I miss the gym so much! I couldn’t see the pics that you sent in the email... I think you have to attach them...

Ryan! Way to sell like a boss on your first day. I’m excited to be up at Provo with you. We are gunna have fun for sure!! That’s sweet you’re going to invest in real estate...

Remi! Way to get stuff done for your Eagle Scout!! You’re a champ for tackling that 15-mile bike ride. Keep up the good work!!!

Elder Miller
Beautiful Brazil!

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