Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In "The Zone" March 24, 3014

And here’s a pic of my zone and me... I’m in the corner with Elder Bartmess. and President and the assistants were there. too (There are 33 missionaries in my zone... It’s stressful ha) I think next transfer I’ll get a companion that will be Zone Leader too... so that will help. ha
Love you!

Soooo, this week was a good week for our area and a bad week for the zone. We had 6 investigators at church and all of them are progressing well...

We are teaching a family of four that is really special and they are progressing really well. The husband is a returned missionary that fell away from the church and was inactive for about two years. He is coming with his girlfriend and her two daughters. They have been to church three times now and last night we went and taught them with the first counselor in the bishopric and his wife who is the Relief Society presidente. The lesson went really well, and A., the Mom, cried a lot. She prayed about the Book of Mormon and got an answer! And at the end of the lesson we all knelt down and A. said a prayer and the spirit was super strong. Everyone was crying ha. They are going to be baptized for sure... but they need to get married first. They already marked a date though (I think the third weekend in April). so it’s going really well with them!
Mom, tell Bob [Cousin who is visiting Florida] to go to Big Pine Key and snorkel at Lou Key if he can... It was unreal!
Thanks for signing me up to room with Sam! Can you give me an idea of what classes I’ll be taking? And can you sign me up to take that Portuguese class so I can "test out" please!? Love you mom :)

Dad, I loved your email ha. I think it’s great how much you and Remi visited Sister Stockton. You truly are a great example! Benadryl has a gnarly effect on you ha I don’t think it ever knocked me out like it does you. ha
Ryan! Where is my email, Bro!! Hope you’re doing well... I want to know more about you internship and what’s going on in your life! Have you and the missionaries baptized those people you were helping?
Remi!! It’s weird to think you are going to go swimming this week! It’s starting to get cold here ha. That is awesome you get to hang out with Lana and Bob [Aunt and cousin visiting from Illinois.] a little. Give them a hug for me!

Well, I love you all

Um Abraço


So I will give Lana a huge for you we are going of fun with Lana well work hard this week bro love you take care.
Dad: “We are going of fun with Lana”??Your mother has been drinking again.
Dad: Oh, wait—REMI has.
Elder Miller: love you too Remi roo!!!!
Mom: That was from Remi and spell check’s fault. Lana says hi! It's chaos here with crazy pup plus Peanut and Scooter. Roxy is not amused.
Dad: I know. I caught that later. I hope Gidget gets used to them soon so she isn’t scared.

Mom’s unwritten reply: Gidget scared of them? Hahahahaha!

On hearing what classes we planned to sign him up for--G.E. and basic required exercise classes, 
Elder Miller replied: Exercise classes? Like for my health science major or like PE in high school? ha

Mom: For your major - but probably like P.E., too!

Elder Miller: Sweet!!! ill like those classes I think! ha
if there is math classes try an ease me back in if possible... i feel like i dont remeber anything about math ha

Mom: I was tempted to sign you up for the same class I'm about to take. Writing about Literature. But I think we'd better ease you back into English, too. LOL

Elder Miller: ha IDK [I don't know] I was always good at English... do what you think is right though... i trust your judgment!
Mom's unwritten reply: I rest my case.

Elder Miller: Good job on the painting mom!! I’m glad the conference went well!! And the b-day din looks fun! you all look so young! haha How many glasses of root beer did Remi drink? LOL

Mom: 7 to 9 I think! He can hold his soda!
Elder Miller: haha He’s crazy...  I miss root beer so much!!!

After seeing a photo of his Aunt Lana and brother holding all three dogs
Elder Miller replied: ha Gidget is getting hairy!!! Remi is a goober. haha

Mom: After that comment Lana, Peanut and Scooter do NOT want to know what you think of them!
We love you and hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Miller: Love you too, Mom! and Lana and Remi!


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