Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Brasilian Pizza, My Zone, My District and a Baptism 5 May 2014

Brasillian Pizza
So this week was pretty good.

We baptized F.!! He is awesome and was an elect! ha We found him only two weeks ago and now he is already a member of the church :) I’ll send pics!

F's Baptism

Elder Moody left this morning. It made me a little trunky, ha but it’s all good. And currently I’m with Elder Bedford, Elder Cesar da Silva, Elder Lima and Elder Failes in an area called Emiliano Pernetta (in my zone). It’s cool because I was already comps with three of them! Tomorrow at 5 o‘clock I’ll pick up my new comp. I’m still zone leader, district leader AND now I’m going to train too, ha. We will be in a trio so it should be a fun transfer :)

On Sunday SKYPE :) I think about 3-4 o clock my time I’ll be signing on so be ready!

Mom, the package is at the Correis Central, and I have to pay 80 Reais [about $36 US] to take it out :( ha I think I will because I really want Pop Tarts haha. I forgot about the “all kinds of Mexican crap [to make Reece walk all over Publix]” story. haha [A few years ago Reece went to the store for me to buy stuff for a new enchilada recipe. That quote is what Reece added to the bottom of my list!] Sorry your recipe didn’t turn out well. I vaguely remember the Fresno [Temple] Dedication ha. I forgot I shook Ballard’s hand though, that’s cool! ha I remember watching one at a stake center, too... but I don’t remember which temple it was [Nauvoo or Palmyra. We were reminiscing because we were able to attend the Ft. Lauderdale Temple’s Dedication on Sunday. ].

Dad, tell Grandma I love her. I miss her and I really hope I get to see her when I get back. It’s sad she will be in the nursing home now. Is it close to Lakeland? Can’t wait to talk on Skype! Minha nossa. I’m stoked! Hey, fun fact: last night, I was reading "Dia de la Defesa" in Spanish. I understood it perfectly. I just need to get better at speaking it. It’s a mock trial of two Mormon missionaries… it’s awesome and its full of scriptures that are great for teaching.

Ryan, glad to hear the sales are going well still. I feel like I know some of the guys on your team... is there a Michael on your team? The guy in the black sweatshirt? Glad to see you’re still enjoying the blackened chicken, strawberry, walnut, and feta cheese balsamic vinaigrette salad ha. I want one, too, dang it.

Remi, how did you hurt your hand in P.E.? You were jumping up to touch a beam? haha It sounds like you touched it! [A sprain.] ha Way to pass of your Cooking [merit badge] though, Bro! Keep up the excellent work!

Well, I love you all and I sent some pics (Brasilian pizza, my zone, my district and F.'s baptism)


Elder Miller

My Zone

My District

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