Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Email of the year! December 30, 2013

So this week was poop. I got sick on Thursday and I haven’t been feeling well for the past four days now. Out of the 8 people that were supposed to go to church only one went and I don’t think she liked church very much. Half the ward is traveling . . . Oh, and during sacrament meeting a member came and pulled us out to give a blessing to a girl, she is doing better now.
Hopefully we can get this family of three baptized this week. The husband is trying to quit smoking. 
But on a happier note, I loved talking to you all and Christmas was great!

Mom, thanks again for the Christmas packages. I got everything I wanted :) Oh and do you know how much I have in my account??

Dad, good job on the diet! If you want to lose even more weight go on splits with the missionaries ha, there are a few Elders that have lost over 40 pounds in the mission here.

Ryan, the car shopping sounds fun. If I was you I think I’d go with the Honda... They are more reliable I think!!! Send pics next time!! Did you put that pic on my face book for me? Please do!

Remi! I bet the Fort Frasier trial will be awesome! Is it just for fun or is it for scouts? Those spiral Christmas trees sounds sweet too!

I love you all. Happy New Year!!!
Elder Miller

An interesting Q & A happened, because Elder Miller's Dad is home on vacation . . .
They had gone back and forth a bit and then . . .:

Elder Miller: haha lazy bum. i wish i could wake up at 10:57.

Dad: It's not that great! 

Elder Miller:  yes it is. in the mission you are permanently tired for two years....

Dad: I know. Get to bed earlier?

Elder Miller: i go to bed as early as possible ha ill probably take a nap today though :)

Dad: Naps always help me. I love them.

Elder Miller: yeah.. they are my favorite thing on the mish.

Dad: Are there any interesting local sites you can visit on p-day?

Elder Miller: no our area is really small, and president made a rule that you can't leave your area on pday now

Dad: I see. Are there other mishes close by to play sports with?

Elder Miller: but they also made a rule that we cant play sports remember?
but its pretty boring on pday now :( district activities would be so fun.

Dad: What will you do today, then?

Elder Miller: play guitar and sleep i think ha. the only things i can do. maybe watch a church video too. have you seen "17 Miracles." we got permission to watch it.

Then Ryan asked: What do you do for New Year's there? Do you have to stay inside, or what?

Elder Miller: were probably not gunna do much. last year i didn't sleep much because of all the fireworks! they are crazy here and there is no such thing as illegal when it comes to fireworks ha
They went on to talk about job/school stuff, and then . . .

Elder Miller: my time is up though. thanks for all you help though, bro. have an awesome day.
um abraço :) love you all

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