Monday, December 2, 2013

Cookies and Cow Tung? December 2, 2013

We baptized the family of 4!!!!! It was awesome. Elder Santos was transferred to Pinhais Centro... Which is the area right next to Autodromo... so I’m still his district leader. ha I got permission from President Monteiro and he was able to come to the baptism and baptize two of them :). Thursday night at 8 we had a super spiritual baptismal meeting with about 40 members there. Lots of the sisters in the ward made cake and sweets... I made cookies... and they were gone. ha. All the sisters want the recipe now.
Then on Sunday all four were confirmed. Oh, and Saturday night when we went by to drop of the pic of the baptism and teach a little about the Holy Ghost, they gave me a pair of new dress shoes! ha. A. said my shoes were looking a little beat up and he wanted to do something nice for me... (I polish them every day... but 1 year and 3 months of usage take its toll.) At the baptism he tricked me and said I had big feet and asked what size I use. haha I love this family and I am sure A. is going to be bishop one day. They are so Christlike and their baptism was one of the best moments of my mission.

My new companion is Elder Lima from the Bahia. He’s pretty chill and has been out for about 8 months so he knows how to teach well, which is nice ha.

This week was really busy... I did two baptismal interviews in my district and one in the zone leaders’ area. And when the guy I interviewed was baptized I sang with Elder Eddington at his baptism (I just sung melody and Eddington sang harmony) but it was sweet! (I don’t know if it’s sung or sang... I’m forgetting English.)

We also had a conference with Elder Juno . . . an area Seventy. It was pretty good... he talked about a lot of random stuff, though. It was difficult, because I was translating for a group of new elders and sisters. ha.
Oh, fun fact, yesterday for lunch I ate cow tung [tongue]... it’s actually good! I’ll send a pic!

Mom thanks for the pics. TSO [Transiberian Orchestra] looks sweet!!! I’m sorry you got sick again. It seems like you get sick every other week. I’m glad you got the Christmas decorations up ha.

Dad . . . it looks like you made good progress on the work bench! And the TSO looks awesome!!! I’m glad you got to go!
Ohh, and there is an Elder Bartmess in my district whose dad served in your mission. His dad is 51 so I bet you know him!!!!

Ryan, I want to know more about your trip man!! You went surfing in November! ha. And rode a bike how many miles? Is that your bike? And did you actually go flying in the Owen's plane? That’s sweet! It looks like you are living it up!
Remi, that was the shortest email ever! What did you do with your last days of Thanksgiving break? And are you happy to be going back to school? You need to write more in you emails boy! Send pics of the Christmas stuff!!
I love you all!!!
Elder Miller

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