Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Monkey Money December 9, 2013

The money here is funny. I just noticed the other day that this monkey looks like he's using drugs.

So this week I kind of baptized!!! ha Not in my area though. In my district no one had a baptismal date, but the Elders in Pinhais had a lady that had been to church two times and her daughter who had been twice and went to mutual a few times as well. The daughter was almost baptized two weeks ago, but the mom didn’t let her (I interviewed her).... so I went there on Saturday and did like a baptismal interview with the mom. We talked for a long time and read a ton of scriptures. I focused on the daughter (because she wanted to be baptized) and then, after about 20 min she said she would let her daughter be baptized... but I didn’t stop there ha... I then explained she needed to be baptized too. We talked for a while and both felt the spirit and after about 20 more minutes she accepted the invitation to be baptized :) And asked me to baptize her!
Sunday night we went to the chapel in Pinhais and right before the baptism... the daughter got scared. (She’s scared of water) ha Nobody knew that. Everyone was talking to her and trying to encourage her but it wasn’t working. I asked if I could talk to her alone and we had another "baptismal interview." We knelt down and said a prayer and talked for a long time about the importance of baptism and a few fears that she had... and after about 30 minutes she said "Okay... I’m going to get baptized!" It was awesome!!

Then after the baptism we got back to our area at like 8 o clock, but we wanted to teach two more lessons so we went running in the street knocking doors... and found two families and taught them two lessons! :) It was awesome!! I’m learning a lot about faith here. ha If you have faith and do your part, God will always do His.

Mom the “slide into a book” wall [at the library] looks awesome!!! That mission would be sweet for Remi!! I hope he serves!!! That stinks it’s a small [Christmas] tree...170 dollares [dollars!]is a ton! Just do what Elf did and cut one down in Central Park. And the Relief Society cookie exchange sounds sweet. I still don’t know what time I will be Skyping... I’ll let you know this next p-day. Oh, did you find out more about school for me???
Dad, eat lobster up there in Rhode Island for me!! I’ve heard it’s supposed to be really good!! And you didn’t answer my question about Elder Bartmess from your mission!! Send pics of New England!! And good luck and safe travels.

Ryan I want an email. You need to tell me more about your Thanksgiving adventures!!!

Remi!! Where are my pics?? I asked for pics of the tree and lights and decorations you punk!!! I want to see the reindeer too!!!

I’m super excited to Skype with you all!!! I hope you’re all doing great!

Love you!!
Elder Miller

My desk was a mess!! It's not usually like that I promise.

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