Thursday, January 9, 2014

First of a new year! January 6, 2014

Oi todo mundo!

This week was ok.....
I think I’ll start off with New Year’s... On New Year’s Eve day we knocked doors until like 8 o’clock when everyone started drinking and then we went home and made some food and waited for the fireworks to start. Here in Brasil there is no such thing as illegal when it comes to fireworks... So New Year’s is very loud. ha At midnight we climbed out the window onto our balcony/ledge and filmed the fireworks. It was pretty cool but not a very fun New Year’s over all. ha

But on New Year’s Day... we went to A. and M’s and I got to realize a life-long dream of mine... I killed a chicken. haha We had been talking with them the week before about how M. grew up on a farm and had to kill chickens and stuff and I commented that I wanted to kill a chicken... so on New Year’s day we went to a neighbor’s house (that sells chickens) and bought one. ha We had to cross a river on a super sketchy bridge/gondola... I’ll send pics. (Dad it reminded me of when you fell in the river in Ecuador... haha)
The sketchy bridge.
But then we headed back to their house and A. sharpened a knife and I killed the chicken. ha I think they thought I wouldn’t do it... but I did... And then Maria cleaned it and cooked and we ate it. It was pretty good… I felt like Bear Grylls. ha

 Walking back with the chicken.

The chicken after it was cooked.
Being dumb with A. ha
[Please note that the tough guys have yarn in their hands!]
As far as the work goes... Elder Lima was transferred and will be leaving tomorrow...
The highlight of the week was probably when a couple stopped us and said they wanted to know more about our church. We went to their house Saturday morning and taught them an awesome lesson about the restoration and they went to church and Sunday and loved it. They are super cool and really sincere.

Mom... I’m sorry New Year’s was lame... mine was too ha. With the BYU stuff what did you find out? I want to know more about that! And nope... I’m still a little sick. I already went to the doctor and I’m taking medicine and getting better.
Dad... I’m sorry you had to go back to work ha... it’s good that your car is a tiny bit faster than Ryan’s haha. You two need to have a drag race ha

Ryan... your car is sweet!! Congrats, bro. You are doing really well for yourself. Were you able to get into my BYU-I account?
Remi... Family Fun Center sounds fun! And going to the dump even more fun haha for you. The spiral Christmas trees sound sweet too bud. Way to keep the house decorated! ha

Love you all... I’ll send pics
Elder Miller

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  1. You need to ask if they let the chicken run around with it's head cut off! When I was younger, my dad and brothers would chop the head of with an axe and then the body would run around for a few servings and fall over. It is crazy. We had to pluck the chicken too. I couldn't do it now tho.