Monday, December 2, 2013

Is it Thanksgiving yet? November 25, 2013

This week was awesome. We worked really hard with A., M., F., and J. . . and tried really hard to baptize them this Sunday. M., F. and J. all accepted but A. wanted to wait a little more before he decided. A. said he just wanted a little more time before he answered and he asked me what would happen if he said "no". . .  and I said, "We won’t accept that answer" ha.

Yesterday they all went to church and loved it . . .  and at night we passed by their house because A. said he had an answer for us. When we got there we sat down and he said he had two announcements. A good one and a bad one. He said the bad is that he wouldn’t be getting baptized . . . The good was that it was a lie. haha We are going to baptize them this Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE WANTED TO BAPTIZE A FAMILY ALL TOGETHER LIKE THIS MY WHOLE MISSION! It’s going to be sweet!
Sadly . . .  Elder Santos was transferred though... he leaves tomorrow. And will be training a new missionary for the first time. He’s excited about that and I think it will help him a lot. I’m going to ask President tomorrow at the transfer meeting if he can come back to baptize two of them . . .  because it’s not fair he has to leave. ha I know what it feels like to be robbed of the baptism and I don’t want that to happen to him.
Dad... Why are you going to the chiropractor... all that work you did on Saturday mess you up? ha It sounds like the house is in ship shape. I want to see the Doctor Seuss fireplace. [For a ward party.] That will be cool I bet. I wrote Grandma a letter and I'm sending it with your package today hopefully... We don’t have a post office here in our area so we will have to take a bus to get to one.
Mom . . .  that so sad Brother D. passed away . . . have you talked to Sister D., yet?? Oh and no one celebrates Thanksgiving here so it was a normal day . . . :( I wanted pumpkin pie so bad ha or apple pie or ham or rolls or something . . . [Thanksgiving has not happened yet!] Who’s doing dancing with the stars this year?

Ryan . . . the zombie party looks sweet! And that girl looks cute :) And what do you mean cycling 230 miles??? Are you crazy? Have you been training for that??? haha Wait . . .  It was for Thanksgiving, so you already went? How was it? ha Can you feel your bum still?

And what did you do with your senior project? Is that from Brother B's company? What happened to the sales advice book?
Remi! Your b-day party looks like it was a lot of fun!! What did you get??? I don’t recognize any of the kids in the pictures ha. I wrote you a letter this week!! I’m sending it today hopefully in a little package for you all. How fun you don’t have school this week . . . What are you gunna do????
Well I love you all and miss you lots,
Elder Miller


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