Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Missionary Christmas Conference! December 16, 2013

Where's Elder Miller?
So I just got back from Curitiba... I had to go to the center to get one of my packages... the "correios" office was holding it and made me pay 72 reals [about $31 American]in taxes to get it... hopefully that doesn’t happen with the other because I am poor now. ha
We didn’t baptize this week. There is a young lady, but she probably won’t be baptized for at least another week.

This week was a good one though... we had our mission Christmas conference and it was awesome! It was a competition between the zones. Every zone had 5 minutes to do a spiritual presentation. Our zone sang "Away in a Manger" in English, then Spanish, then Portuguese (one verse in each language). And to start off [the song], 5 Elders and Sisters sang harmony and I read a few verses from chapter 2 of Luke in a deep smooth voice. ha... And then after all the zones had presented every zone had to tell a joke, a funny story from the mission, a spiritual story from the book of Mormon, and a magic trick. I did the magic trick with my comp! We won that part of the contest, but lost overall.... There was also a contest of "the photo with the largest number of people being baptized from the past three weeks." We almost won with our family we baptized, but two Elders baptized 5 brothers from Haiti! Poop!! ha No, it’s good that the mission is baptizing a lot! :)

SKYPE... will probably be about 3 o'clock here... so 12 o'clock there right? Our p-day is going to be moved to the 25th, so Monday I won’t send email.

Yes, you can open the package! [Our first successfully delivered package!] It’s not very cool... not much would fit in the envelope and I didn’t want to put anything valuable in the mail. [Good thing, the big items were stolen!]

Mom, I loved the Christmas newsletter. ha I actually laughed out loud. Maybe you could make a joke about baptisms and how much Roxy hates baths...IDK ha. Like I said, I got my package! I wanted to know... if you sent pants... if I could open them early? You will see why in one of the pics I’m going to send. But I need pants. ha

Dad! Elder Bartmess' dad knows you, Dad!!!! He said "Scott Miller? With dark, brown, wavy hair?" ha You were about 9 months ahead of him I think. I loved the analysis of the way Remington would handle the cupcake test. [A psychological test we heard about in church.] I completely agree ha.

Ryan! The pics look sweet and that girl is a gata! ha She’s cute! Take her on another date. What is the Gordon B. Hinckley Award?? That looks awesome man!!! I can’t believe you’re graduating. Time flies!! Did Daren break his collar bone on the bike trip? He fell or what? ha Oh and I loved the videos ha, I wish I could have heard you better but I heard enough to know you killed the solo!! Way to go bro!!!

Remington!! You’re lucky you get to see Ryan’s graduation and I bet your band concert will be sweet. Are you playing the triangle or bass drum or what?? I’m still waiting on the pic of the Christmas decorations!

Well I love you all!
I attached a pic of the mission conference, but I forgot my cord for my camera, so I’ll send the other pics next time.

Elder Miller

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