Monday, November 18, 2013

Chinchillas and Pastels 18 Nov. 2013

Well, this week was a good one. Not much is happening in our area... BUT... we have a family of 4 that is going to be baptized!! They are progressing supér well and have already received answers. The family that asked lots of deep doctrine questions . . . I think I told you about them already. They were super active in their church so it was a little rough in the start, but now they are loving church and most likely will be baptized this coming Sunday!!! The dad has to work one Sunday a month, and unfortunately worked yesterday, so they didn’t go to church . . .  But we are going to have a family home evening with them and our mission leader's family tonight and it’s going to be sweet! I’m making cookies! ha
And Saturday I taught an English class hoping a lot of investigators would go . . . but it ended up just being us and this family of 4 . . . it was super fun and funny ha and I gave away a lot of Skittles (I ate a ton already and I needed to get rid of the rest ha) and everyone had a great time. afterwards they took us to get pizza (We tried to say no . . . we did 4 times . . . but they were getting mad at us, so we went.)

M., the lady we baptized, is doing well. She went to church yesterday and loved it . . . but she’s having a hard time with the Word of Wisdom so we are working hard to help her with that.

Dad, happy b-day again! I love you!!! I’m sorry they got rid of manicotti of the menu. [At Carrabba’s Italian Grill.] I love that, too!! Suggestion: park away from all the cars at church!! [Dad's b-day gift was to get a dent taken out of his new car.] LOL I’m trying to imagine you walking Gidget around in obedience class (I bet it makes you feel really manly . . . no?) haha

Mom, the obedience class sounds funny ha. I want that husky. Feel free to buy me one as a homecoming present. :) Please, tell Sister D. that I love her, and she will be in my prayers. [A favorite Sunday School teacher’s husband passed away last week. So sad.]

Thank you so much for putting money in my account. I think I have enough to get Christmas presents still ha and please make a new one [BeSmart ID] for me. I’ll need to reapply to both BYU and BYU Idaho!!! And yes—I got the CD . . .  you can see it in the pic!

Elder Miller and his birthday loot.
Ryan, I got your package!! Thanks, bro!!! I loved it. I’ve eaten the beef jerky and gummy worms already and put the art supplies to use . . . I’ll send a pic . . . I loved the card too . . . I still haven’t dressed the princess, but I will!! [True to form, our boys give each other girly, pink cards every chance they get.]

Remington!! How’s Seminary??? I want pics of the Christmas lights and decorations when you’re all done!!! I miss you a lot, buddy!!! And good luck with the b-day party; I want pics of that, too!!

I love you all . . . I’ll send pics!!

Elder Miller


It’s a chinchilla that lives outside our house. ha

And, yes, I drew the pic of Ryan . . . in like 15 minutes. It’s not very good, but I did it super fast!

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