Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Batismos! September 30, 2013

We baptized Gr.!!!

E. and Gr. got married on Friday!!! It was awesome!! It’s been about 6 months that I have been working with her and her family and I am so happy to have been able to baptize her!! It was awesome!!! Super spiritual!!! When she walked down into the font she started crying and I almost did, too. I feel like I didn’t leave last transfer because I was supposed to stay to help Gr. get baptized!!! She’s had a hard life and it’s incredible to see the difference the gospel has made. Wow!


A. was baptized too!!! I remember the first time I talked to him he didn’t want to hear the lessons . . . but little by little I became friends with him and last week we went and taught him on Friday for the first time . . . and now he a member ha! And he's already got lots of friends in the ward!! The work is going so well here in Tamandaré.

Other news . . . I lost my son. :( Elder Eulogio was transferred. :( One of the assistants had to go home because of a hip problem and they pulled a missionary from the field to take his place, and then pulled Eulogio to take the other missionary's place. :( I was bummed, but it’s all good now.

DAD! I need my Line of Authority. I gave A. the Melchizedek Priesthood and I need to get his Line of Authority for him before I leave Tamandaré! Can you pass it to me as soon as possible por favor!
MOM! My back is fine now . . . I’ve just got a little cramp is all.  And the missionaries from the office told me my package got there. Thank you!!! I’m super excited for my b-day packages too!!

RYAN! Where is my email??
REMI!!! The puppy looks awesome bud! Take good care of her! How’s school and seminary? Are you waking up now??
I love you all,
Elder Miller

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