Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oi Autodromo October 22, 2013

So it’s really weird not writing this email from Almirante Tamandaré. I’m here in Autódromo (it means race track) (there is a race track in our area). My companion is Elder J. Santos. He’s big, he loves to cook, and he sings 80-90s music super loud in the shower. (This morning he was singing "girls just wanna have fun.") It’s hilarious because he doesn’t speak English so he doesn’t really know the words haha (I'll send pics next week) and he's super funny. We have been having a good time this week.... but the works been a little rough. It was a white wash. Elder Farr, my comp from the CTM, was here training a new missionary, but they both got transferred and they sent us in here ha. I’m still district leader. I take care of two other areas here (Pinhais and Pinhais Centro).
Really not much has happened yet. We have been knocking a lot of doors, trying to find new investigators. We found a few people this week, but most of them didn’t go to church. There are however a ton of Haitians that have been going to church that aren’t members (There are tons of Haitians here... but they don’t speak Portuguese very well, just French and Creole). We found a Haitian member in the ward that is going to help us and be our translator so we can teach them.

A few fun facts. I left three people in Tamandaré with baptismal dates for this Sunday and they were all baptized. I’m bummed. haha I wanted to be there to baptize them. I’m still counting them as mine though. haha It’s annoying to do all the work and then have to leave, but it’s part of the mission.
It was incredibly hard to say good bye to everyone. I cried ha. We had like a family home evening with 8 of the people I baptized there (R., A., D., C., G., E., T., C., and T.) and at the end I left a little spiritual message, and in the message I told them I was leaving. They thought I was joking but when they realized I was serious they started crying and then I did too and I couldn’t finish my message ha. It was rough. ha

On Tuesday before I left we went by R's house so I could say bye to her too, and I was a little nervous. I made her a promise that after her baptism she wouldn’t have a desire to smoke or drink coffee... and I was a little worried to see how she was. When we got to her house she was outside washing clothes and when we called her she turned around smiling super big. I asked her how she was feeling and she explained how much better she felt. She said that after her baptism she had not felt the desire to smoke or drink, and that the smell of cigarettes now makes her sick. I almost cried. ha It was incredible. THIS CHURCH IS TRUE.

I almost got bit by a dog this week. Saturday night, we were cutting through an empty lot that has an old house that’s falling apart, and as I was turning the corner to go behind the house, a dog jumped out (a big one, like a lab mix) and it was mad. It came flying at me trying to kill me ha (fortunately Elder Santos was about 50 feet behind me... he walks really slow ha) so I started backing up and it kept coming… It almost got me, but I jumped back and it bit like right where my thigh was (I heard his mouth smack shut), then I tried to kick it in the face and it jumped back and I missed, but it scared it enough so it backed off. It was intense ha. I hate dogs here in Brasil.

Our neighbor has a chinchilla (IDK how to spell it) it looks like a rat/bunny/pig/squirrel. ha I’ll send picks next week too.

I’m sick. I have a sinus infection I think. I’m going to go get medicine today!

There is a member here that has a hot dog stand, and once a week he lets us eat there for free at night. woo!!! It’s super good!
Remington, I’m sorry you’re sick bud. I hope you didn’t miss cooking day. Have you still not carved the pumpkin? Are you going to seminary?
Ryan, the dates sound fun. Please record the show, bro!! I want to see it!! More importantly I want to hear it, so don’t give a girl the camera. Last time the ladies screamed so loud I couldn’t hear your solo.

Mom, I’m sorry you got sick, too. I still haven’t received my packages but I bet I will this week. I have Christmas request actually. My comp loves . . . [Santa had to sensor this out.] . . . send it in the package? ha
Dad, the trip to Rhode Island should be fun. I’d be interested to read that report too if you could send it to me.

Elder Miller

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