Friday, October 18, 2013

Adeus Almirante Tamandare' October 14, 2013

We baptized R.!! Wow, it’s been a battle to get her baptized. ha It’s crazy how the Lord works... and Satan as well. She was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday... We did all we could to help her, and to encourage her to be baptized and it all worked out. R. told me when she left the water she felt so much better and lighter, in spite of all that has been happening in her life... and she said she felt the same thing again when she was confirmed on Sunday.

R’s baptism
G. was confirmed as well. A. was going to confirm her but he got nervous and I ended up doing it ha... He’s going to give  a talk this Sunday though!! Unfortunately, I won’t be here to see it... I was transferred! I leave tomorrow afternoon. It’s going to be sad. We went to R. and A's houses last night so I could say good-bye and we all cried. ha I’m really going to leave my heart here. I have helped baptize a lot of people here and it’s so sad to leave them, but I know I am needed elsewhere now. I feel like I stayed this last transfer to get R., G., and A. baptized. I really feel like I have done all that I need to here and I am excited to see where I go. It’s going to be so hard to say goodbye tonight. We’re going to have a big family night at A. and D’s with E., G., C., Th., T. and R.. (they don’t know yet and I’m not excited to tell them).
Dad. Wow, your work bench sounds awesome. I want to see some pics when it starts taking shape!
Mom. You’re getting trunky. [I was encouraging him to work hard, because he doesn't have much time left!] Ha I’m super excited to get my package! I’ll probably get it tomorrow and I will try to wait to open my presents :) we will see.

Ryan. Mom talked with A.? I baptized two here. They are both boys and both like 19 years old ha. Do you know which one it was? The first I baptized has plans to go on a mish. He was sad yesterday when I told him I’m getting transferred. He’s an awesome guy! All my friends are on missions, so I don’t know of anyone in Rexburg that you could leave my board with. Let’s run a marathon together when I get back. It’s on my bucket list too! 

Remington. Get your lazy bum out of bed and go to seminary or I will beat you up. And good work with the Eagle scout stuff. I’m so excited for you with that. Take some pics of the Halloween decorations and pumpkins and send them to me!

Love you all!!
Elder Miller

Hump Day cake I forgot to send a pic of. Elder Bedford made it for me.

 I asked Elder Miller for his schedule on a typical day. Here is his reply:
My typical day...

6:30 wake up and exercise

7:00 eat and shower

8:00 study (personal)

9:00 study (with comp)

10:00 language

11:00 work

12:00 lunch

1:00 work

9:30 get home and plan

10:30 sleep
At night I usually play guitar for half an hour before bed. ha It’s not very exciting.



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