Thursday, October 10, 2013

Conference, Reunions and VISA Renewals October 7, 2013

At leadership meeting?
I noticed that Elder Miller had some artwork up on the board (of course).
Well, this week was pretty good. I really enjoyed conference. My favorite talk was Jeffrey R. Holland’s . . . he’s always my favorite. ha Just because of how he talks. But I loved all of them. I took notes in my journal and put stars next to the ones I wanted to study, but by the end of the conference all but two had stars! ha

I feel like not much happened this week in my areas, because I wasn’t in it much ha. I did a few baptismal interviews, and went on splits with the Elders in Cachoeira. Also, I had to go to the federal police station and renew my Visa, and then on Friday all the district and zone leaders had a leadership meeting with president and I had to go to the center for that and then Saturday and Sunday after lunch we went to the stake center to watch conference and spent all day there. But a few good things happened this week . . . we were walking in the center and I felt prompted to visit R., and ex-investigator that we haven’t visited for about 4 months. So we went and when we showed up R. was really excited to see us. We taught her a short lesson and asked how she was doing . . . and she explained that she’s been going through a lot of hard things with her family . . . and she explained how she had been crying on the phone with a friend from São Paulo... and her friend told her she needed to find a church, that church would help her, and R. agreed . . . and 10 minutes later we showed up. She’s going to be baptized this Saturday :)
We took a family of investigators with us to watch conference . . . actually they took us ha. We drove with them in their car (It’s far away.) and they all loved it!!
Remington . . . that pumpkin is huge!!!!!! I want to carve it, you lucky bum!!!

Keep working hard with the Scout stuff!!! You need to get your Eagle!!! 

Ryan . . . you went to conference??? What session and where did you sit . . . you need to explain why you went and stuff, ha I’m confused.

Mom, thank you for the money!! I was poor ha! I’m good now and I’m super excited for the packages!! Gidget looks way cute . . . I wish she would stay like that until I get home ha. I liked Elders Oaks and Nelson’s talks, too!! And I will be praying for you, for sure, Mom! I always do.
Dad, the pumpkin is awesome!! What are you gonna carve? How much was it? ha I’m sorry I didn’t message back and forth! I was busy translating the line of authority for A. I printed it out and took it to him and he loved it. He is so strong in the church. No, it’s crazy. He went to all 5 sessions of conference ha! Thank you for the line of authority ha. But I’ll message you today!!

I love you all. I’ll send some pics!

Elder Miller

This must be with the Elders in Cachoeira acting tough at the police station!

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