Monday, July 8, 2013

Sad Week at Home July 1, 2013

Oii tudo mundo!

This week was pretty good. A couple of our investigators are being a little lazy... but we found a few awesome investigators too! So they canceled each other out ha.

L. is gunna take a little more time until she’s baptized. But we're gunna keep working with her.

R. went to church for the third time! He is progressing really well! We marked a baptismal date for the 10th of August, but for sure, he will be baptized! I love teaching him! Every time I feel the spirit, and I really feel like I’m being guided to say exactly what he needs to hear.

Also, on Friday night, we taught a lady (S.). Her family is all members and she was never baptized. So we went by and taught her a first lesson. But before we got far into the lesson, she started Bible bashing with us. It was really awkward because we were sitting in front of the whole family, and it turned into like a competition. ha She tried to talk about the scripture in Revelation that says you can’t "add to the Bible"... so I showed her Deuteronomy 4 and explained the significance of the scriptures and how they are talking about the Books of Revelation and Deuteronomy specifically and not about the Bible as a whole... and how if we take these scripture literally... nothing after Deuteronomy in the Bible is valid. She understood, but then started saying that people [couldn’t] actually see God. I used the scripture in Exodus that says Moses talked with God as a man would with his friend. Then she said that stuff only happened before Christ came and that it stopped after He left. I opened Acts 7 and we read about the apostle Stephen, and when he saw God and Christ. But as I was proving [those points] using the scriptures, I realized she really didn't understand still. So I stopped, and bore my testimony, and then we invited every one of the other members of the family to bear theirs. As they did, the Spirit touched S. and she started crying. 

It was a good reminder that no matter how much I know about the scriptures or the gospel, teaching is pointless without the Spirit.

She read the Book of Mormon and on Sunday she had a dream about the tree of life.... and saw that painting the church has, in her dream. We started talking about it (she didn’t know what it meant) but we showed her that pic and she said, "I saw that in my dream!" She again got emotional as she realized she had received an answer. We explained the symbolism to her and it was awesome. She is still a little closed off to us, but we are going to keep working with her!

The training is challenging to be honest, but I know I can handle with God's help.

BUT, I’m stoked for the package!! Whatever works with the pants, Mom. If you put money in my account I can just by them here next time I go to the temple. But if you already bought them that’s fine too!

Ryan, I hope your week is a little better. Have fun on the date! And 4th of July!

Remington, I’m stoked for your business bud! Make money! Woo!

Do you have any plans for the 4th?

[Sadly, we had to tell Reece that our dog, Truman, was dying. They were inseparable when Reece was home.]

Wow... I just read the email about Truman ....dang. I wish I could be there. I love that lil dog. 17 years. I really wanted to see him when I got home. Give him a kiss for me.

Well I love you all. And I miss you too, have an awesome week.

Elder Miller
Reece and Truman circa 1999.

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