Monday, June 24, 2013

Flooding and Flu

Oiii tudo mundo!

Well, this week was all right. I’m sick :( I got sick on Friday and I’ve just been working through it ... and it had almost gone away Saturday night, but last night it came back with a vengeance ha. I had a fever and I terrible headache... but I took some meds, slept a lot and my comp gave me a blessing and I’m feeling better now.

This week it rained a ton!!! Tamandaré flooded... (I’ll send pics) and it made it a little hard to work... but we were able to teach a good amount anyway. And we found an awesome family!!

All of our investigators are still progressing... and I am hoping we can get them baptized this week! I think the most likely is C. (D’s mom) so we are going to really focus on her ... and P. and L. as well.

R. (E’s boyfriend) is progressing really well!! Tomorrow we are going to mark a date with him!! He went to church for the second time yesterday and loved it.

The training is going well ... Elder Cruz is speaking really well!! [He’s a native Brazilian!] Ha no, but he is being positive and putting effort into his mission ... which I am really happy for. ha He’s been taking the lead on teaching the first lesson and it’s been going well. He is improving every time he does!!

Oh, I got a package this week!!!!! From me :((((( It was your Christmas package that I sent on Dec 5th with the soccer jerseys and a map of Paraná and a bunch of other stuff too. It went all the way to Florida and wasn’t delivered ... IDK why. But I’m mad. I spent 35 bucks on sending it!!!!

Ryan, email me you tur[key]!

Remi, scout camp sounds awesome!!! You’re not my big brother you punk ha I'm going to beat you up in the airport when I get home!

Mom, I’m so excited for the package! Can you throw in (along with whatever else you want)... more of the shampoo, maple syrup, Reisens and Reese’s, and a hard cover Book of Mormon in Portuguese (O Livro de Mormon) you’ll have to order it online I think... but they don’t ever have them in the temple here when the members go (I ask them to look for me). I really want one though! Ha (I want to mark all my fav scriptures and use it when I teach.)

Dad, I’m glad you liked the letter. Did you cry? Ha also, have you read Cleon Skousen's talk on the atonement? If not I suggest you do... it blew my mind! Mom and Ryan too! It’s an awesome talk!

But I’m going to send some pics now,

I love you all and miss you all.

Elder Miller

Oh, President Cordon leaves this week! Crazy!!! I’m excited to meet the new pres!
The flooding in Almirante Tamandare:

Elders Cruz and Miller

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