Monday, July 8, 2013

Miracles and Progress July 8, 2013

Well, this week was little better than the last one. Actually a lot better. We saw a few miracles and our investigators are progressing well now.

R, L, P, Gr, C and Gb all went to church this Sunday! SIX! So that was good. I ended up having to teach the lesson in Gospel Principles again... It was supposed to be about fasting, but it turned into like an open discussion about the gospel and lots of questions were answered and testimonies were born. It was way cool!

In the 3rd hour I had to teach all of the Young Women by myself (there’s like 20) about baptism. The Young Women’s president asked me to teach them as if they were investigators and to explain the covenant of baptisms. (Elder Cruz wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t participate). It turned out really well though ha I drew a drawing that I like to use when we teach our investigators and they all laughed and learned a lot... but it was a little nerve racking teaching a bunch of girls by myself haha.

The miracles.... so this week we taught Gr’s sister... L that lives literally on top of a mountain with her 8 kids. Climbing it is tiring. ha The lesson went pretty well and at the end we left them a few Books of Mormons like we always do. The next day Gr, L’s sister (who we are also teaching), who lives at the bottom of the mountain, was doing laundry outside and some man she had never seen before came up to her and gave her 100 reais (it’s a lot of money here) and said it was for her sister. He said he felt like she was having some struggles and felt prompted to give her the money... but he didn’t want her to know who he was. He left without saying anything else. Gr. called L. and she walked down the mountain, but thought Gr. was joking ha. When she handed her the money though she cried! I guess she was really needing the money (she is single with 8 kids), but the cool part, is that L. had been reading the Book of Mormon, and right when she prayed and asked if it was true, Gr. called and told her about the money. CRAZY. L. afterwards ran back up the mountain to read more and try and see if more strangers would give her money. haha

Also, this week, we were eating lunch with one of the members when one of her cousins, who is a less active member, freaked out. She was outside and having like a panic attack, crying and freaking out... I guess about one month ago she was in a really bad motorcycle accident and shattered all the bones in her left leg... and since then she has been freaking out about really small things. She had fallen off a chair she was sitting on... so we went outside and tried to calm her down, but it wasn’t working (it was really weird) I had to pick her up and carry her inside and put her on the couch and then I gave her a blessing. I really felt prompted on what to say and it was a powerful blessing. And the end I blessed her that she would recover quickly. At the end of the blessing she stopped crying and calmed down (she’s like 30 so it was weird seeing her cry like that)... But then the next day we went by and talked with her and invited her to church and shared a scripture. Then on Sunday... for the first time in over a year she went to church! And she was walking! (with crutches) the doctors had said she wouldn’t be able to walk with crutches for another 3 months though! The best part was when she bore her testimony about the blessing I had given her and how she felt comforted in that very moment.. Wow! It was awesome! And it really strengthened my testimony to say the least.

But that’s all for now. No baptism this week, but were gunna try really hard to help R.  be baptized this Sunday!

Mom did you send the package? We have a new address. [NOTE: New address in sidebar!!!] It’s fine it was already sent, they will just bring it to the new office... but if not, send it to the new address! I’m excited!

Dad the garage project sounds really cool. I'm excited to see it when I get home... I hope it’s all done, ha! If not ill help you finish it!

Ryan thanks for the email! How long do you have to stay in that area? Why don’t you just try and find a new one that hasn’t been worked already? 4th of July sounded fun for you... It was really lame for me here Brasil ha. Take that girl on a date

Remington! You can’t be dating yet??!!! How are you already 16? Crazy! I hope it was fun buddy!

I love you all and miss you lots.

Elder miller

P.S. I'm really sad about Truman . . . but I'm actually glad I wasn't there for that, because I would have cried like a baby. I love that dog. IDK [I don’t know] if you remember “Marley and Me,” but at the end when the put the dog down, has been flashing through my mind all week! Truman really was part of the family.

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