Monday, July 29, 2013

Snow in Curitiba! July 29, 2013

Oiii tudo mundo!!!!!
Como vai???
So the coolest thing that happened this week was that it snowed!!! It didn’t stick, but it was snowing for about 20 min! Ha. It made me miss Rexburg!!! I wanted to go snowboarding so bad. But it’s already warmed up quite a bit :( I was enjoying the cold.

This week we had four investigators at church, and two of them should be baptized this coming Sunday and the other two in the next. C., D's mom, should be baptized this Sunday! She's gone five days without drinking coffee and just needs to stay strong. D. should be baptized, too. He's been to church three times now, and the first time we took him he found out his best friend's a member. Ha! He had no idea. D. lives with his grandma. She won't go to church, but she supports D. and is really excited for him.
A. is doing really well ... we are going to visit him tomorrow and teach him about tithing. He’s super excited for his baptism, which will be on the 11th.
Being district leader is fun... I give training every Tuesday for the missionaries and my first one went really well. I have a lot of ideas. Ha.
Elder Cruz is doing well... I think he’s got Remington beat on the random facts (which by the way Rem, I loved the email … way to save the planet, bud.)* ... I don’t know if I already told you this, but the other day, we were following up with an investigator about why she didn’t go to church, and she started explaining how she has pains in her foot... Elder Cruz jumped in and said "Speaking of pain... before the mission I had seven warts on my hands and two on my nose and it hurt A LOT to freeze them off!" I think it really helped her understand the importance of going to church.
Ha But other than that everything is going really well here in Tasmandaré!
Dad, I liked your bull comment ha. I want pics of the Miata still. Ha.
Mom, thanks for sending the package!! I'm sorry you were sick and you and Dad missed dance class, but I'm glad you're better now and can get back to cutting the rug.
Ryan, I’m glad the sales are up!!!
Mom or Ryan, can you get Heitje’s address for me? I sent her two letters and they both came back :(
Remington, your email was hilarious. I literally laughed out loud when I read it ha. Way to teach dad not to ruin the planet, Bud. I’m proud of you.
Well, I'm going to send some pics here in a sec, [Sadly, we never got Reece's pictures today.] but that's all for now.
I love you all and miss you all,
Elder Miller 

*[From Remington’s email to Elder Miller:
“Yesterday I saw Dad with a box. He asked Mom if he could get rid of it and he threw it in the garbage can. And I said, Dad, did you just throw that box in the garbage can? And he said, yes. And then I said, Dad, you’re ruining our planet.”]

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