Monday, July 28, 2014

None of Us Saw this Coming! One Last Transfer! July 28, 2014

J's Baptism!

Well, this week we baptized!!! Again! Her name is J. She’s a young woman that’s been going to church for a while now and seminary, too. We taught her a few times off-and-on, but her mom is really strong in another church and she didn’t want to let her be baptized . . . But Thursday, we did a division with a member. Elder Bell went with the member, and me and Elder Frame (our new comp) went to talk to J’s mom. When we got there they were a little closed off, but we got them to warm up to us. ha We found [out] that the pastor of the other church had said a ton of bad stuff about our church and so we explained a ton of things and then talked about baptism. After about an hour the mom signed the "ficha batismal" [permission?] (I don’t know how to say it in English) and said she would be happy to support her daughter! :) 

On Sunday the whole family went to watch J’s baptism and they loved church, too. And now we have an appointment to teach them on Wednesday! 

Elder Frame? And???

As you probably noticed . . . Elder Jones went home :( But me and Elder Bell got a new greeny . . . Elder Frame, from Texas . . . he’s a cool guy. But he is already being transferred . . . and I’M BEING TRANSFERED TOO. How lame! ha I only have 4 weeks left and there sending me to another area. IDK [I don’t know] where yet, but they told me I’ll be zone leader and I’ll train another new ZL.  

Mom, your activity sounds good, Mom. It’s nice that the ward [stake] that functions so well. haha Oh, and its “tchau” not “ciao.” haha Do you know how much money I have in my bank, Mom? Wow, that’s weird [Weird that Bank of America is cancelling his debit card--due to possible compromise of some of their accounts. Cancelling it two weeks before he comes home!]. ha. But, yeah, I don’t like Bank of America. ha. And no, I won’t have extra bags. Ha

Dad, your rack looks like it’s coming along . . . IDK really what I’m seeing, but it looks like progress. I like how you rounded off the corners! It looks professional! It’s going to have a bench for like bench press, too, right? The cage will be sweet!!! Are you going to by an Olympic bar and weights? IDK how much [money he will need to last and get him home], Pops. Well, I think 200 should be fine. The only weird "bag" I’m bringing home is my guitar. And I know lots of missionaries have done the same. Apparently, you just take it on the plane with you and there isn’t any fee.

Ryan, your resume is awesome. You have a good amount of experience and talent. I’m sure it will get you the job! What is the job by the way? ha It’s a company in Scottsdale, but what do they do? I remember knocking doors in Scottsdale [summer sales] . . . it’s a rich area. ha 

Remi, sounds like you’ve been working hard. The yard looks good in the pic Mom sent. I couldn’t really see your glasses very well in the pic you sent, but from what I could see, they look good! Zack’s Court of Honor looks fun! Before you know it, that will be you!!! How’s the project coming along BTW [by the way]?? 

Well, I love you all!!  Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!

Elder Miller

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