Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Exciting Temple Trips! July 15, 2014


D’s  endowment was so special. The feeling I had in the Celestial Room was incredible! Looking at A. and D. all dressed in white. One short year ago, they were [baptized] and now they are on track toward the Celestial Kingdom. This gospel is incredible and without a doubt this is Christ’s church.

Their plan was to wait for C. (D’s mom) to take out her endowment and then get sealed in December . . . but after D’s endowment they decided they wanted to be sealed the quickest possible. TOMORROW at 3 o’clock they are going to be sealed, and I am so stoked!! (And yes, I get to go!)

This week we had 6 investigators at church and we are going to invite all of them to be baptized this week. ha We need to baptize more. This month has been poopy so far in the zone. Tuesday we are going to have to burn the zone for slacking off. ha But hopefully this week we have a lot of success.

Mom, I’m not sick anymore. ha How do the Elders eat there if the members don’t have investigators?? They probably starve if the members there are anything like the members here. [We are.] ha I thought about the reception thing and I think it be fine to just have it at home . . . I don’t really think many people will come, so it would be weird to have it at the chapel. [I hope our ward and stake prove him wrong!]

Dad, I am fine. ha I feel great. 100 percent. I’m excited to see your power cage, Dad. I’m excited to work out, too. This morning I did 20 pull-ups without an extreme amount of effort.

Ryan, send me a pic of your surgery. That’s crazy it severed the nerve. Were the sales good this week? I wanted to set you up on a date with Elder Jones' (my comp’s) sister. She’s [beautiful] and she’s studying in Ohio (She’s a doctor. ha), but she kind of has a bf [boy friend]. ha But if they break up you need to take her out.

Remi, it sounds like you’re making the most out of your summer! That’s awesome you know how to fix the lawn mower and trimmer. How many yards are you mowing?

Well, I love you all. I’ll send pics next week.

Elder Miller

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