Monday, August 4, 2014

Where in Brazil is Elder Miller?

Beleza minha familia??? 

I can’t believe how quickly the time is going by. 
The map of where Elder Miller is! Thanks Mariliana!

Well, I’m here in São Lourenço . . . I’m still zone leader, and my comp Elder Barroso came to the field in the same group as me! He’s way chill and were working well together. Elder Barroso came to the field with me, but I was in the CTM for a whole transfer before him. President will just leave Elder Barroso as Z.L. by himself. I was Z.L. by myself for a transfer. It’s normal here. ha

We’re also training . . . Elder Lindsey ha. Remember him? He’s only got 2 weeks left of training, but its super funny that he’s back with me . . . the prodigal son returned. LOL

We joke around a lot and it’s been a fun week. I think the best thing about the transfer though, is that I’m the ZL of the Elders in Tamandaré, and I already got to go back and do an interview. There was a ward activity and I did the interview there, so I got to see a ton of people. It was awesome. I love that ward! It’s def a fav from the mish.

Yesterday, we had two investigators at church, and I think one has potential for baptism this Sunday. :) I bore my testimony and got a little emotional as I realized it probably was the last time I’d bear my testimony at the pulpit as an Elder :(

I’m going to  miss the mission. Wow. Its be sad. [?]

But I’m stoked to see you all. I miss you guys so much and can’t wait to be with you again.

Mom, your article was good. I only read the first little bit, but I liked it. And the changes to the school system sound good to me. It would have been cool to customize my diploma when I was in high school. Your bike is sweet, too. 31 miles!!! Congrats, Mom. Keep it up!

Dad, the rack looks sweet. Professional. Thanks so much for fixing up the car, Dad. I’m excited to drive again . . .  if I remember how. haha It’s like riding a bike, right?? The AAA is great, too, Pops. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Remi, you stud. I miss you. Way to keep the yard in ship shape and help dad with the power cage. I liked the glasses . . . It’s a distinguished look for you. I bought you a present today!  It’s a Barbie!!! JK ha 

Love you all,

Elder Miller

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