Monday, May 12, 2014

Post Skype P-day 12 May, 2014

No explanation needed.
No, wait--no explanation ...came with this photo.

Well, it was great to Skype you all. It flew by and it feels like we didn’t get to talk much...* I think we all were tired. But that’s alright. It won’t be long now till I’m home and we can talk more then. haha

This week was a good one. I’m loving my companions. Elder Bell [From Idaho.] is really spiritual and Elder Loyola [From the Amazon area.] is hilarious and really smart. 

Elder Loyola (we think).

F. was confirmed as I said last week. Tomorrow he is going to come with us to Zone meeting. I think he’s gunna go on a mish!! He’ll have to wait a year but I could see it happening. 

We might baptize this week. We’ve been teaching a 70-year-old man name Ag. and he has come with us to church twice now and participated in a few activities... but he might take another week or two. ha. 

Al. and M. came to see me as I said on Sunday. They bought a new car and were excited to show me their "blessing from God." ha They are such an awesome family. I love them! My mission has been so blessed. Wow.

Mom... Remi’s COH [Eagle Court of Honor] will be cool...We’re saying a reception for me or for Remi’s COH?? [Both. We only have 6 days!]  Just make rice and beans if you want Brasilian food. ha I loved the Mother’s Day pics, Mom... I’m so blessed to have you as my mom. I mentioned Alma 56 yesterday on Skype. I love that chapter. The mothers prepared their boys from early on, so that in that crucial moment of battle their faith didn’t falter... and they courageously defended their families and freedom. Those mothers had such a crucial role in the story, and so it is with you, Mom, in my story. You helped me prepare since I was little for this spiritual battle I am fighting... and needless to say, I would not be here in the mission if it wasn’t for you. You truly are the best mom I know. I look up to you, I admire you and I love you so very much. Thank you mom!!

Dad, I loved your email... Skype flew by and it felt like I didn’t even talk to you guys.* ha I’m sorry it’s been a stressful week... Grandma looks nothing like she did last time I saw her. :( I hope I get to see her again. She and you all are in my prayers. Your office looks awesome. You really are a successful guy, you know. haha. I’m glad to see my painting made the cut, too. ha. And you are way skinny pops! Congrats!!!

Ryan. You look like a rich business man already ha. I’m so stoked we are going to travel Brasil together. It’s going to be so fun, Bro!!! I was told by a few members the nicest beaches here are in Natal... but you can do the research.

Remington!! It was good to see you, Bud. You are so big. I’m excited for your court of honor. Keep working hard ok?! And did you buy anything at Zumiez?? Buy bigger shorts. [Still the long-distance Fashion Police!] haha 

Love you all, I’ll send some pics!

Elder Miller

*We felt like we didn’t get to talk much either. We spent a good chunk of our time on Skype calling/re-calling each other; our connection kept getting dropped. L

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