Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baptismal and Temple Blessings March 10, 2014

Well, this week was great. Our numbers weren’t good but it was a very spiritual week and I witnessed miracles!

First off... we baptized M.... When we invited him to be baptized... he said, “You mean I don’t have to wait more?” We explained the importance of the baptism with some scriptures... and invited him to be baptized this Sunday… and he accepted without hesitation. All of the youth have welcomed him into the ward and I feel like there is a chance he might serve a mission one day. :)
Elder Miller, M. and Elder Ceasar de Silva
Also, the highlight of my week was going with A. to take out his endowments. We went on Saturday and when we got there Ri. and Ro. saw me and started screaming TIO MILLER!!! ha They ran up and gave me a huge hug... I love those kids! Then we talked for a while with A. and D. They are so strong in the church now!!! A., as you know, is the ward mission leader and D. is the first counselor in the primary presidency.
After about an hour we went in (D. still hasn’t been a member for a year... She will take her endowments out in June) ((and they will be sealed in July :))). Anyway, the session was great. Adriano loved it too... and was well prepared. In the temple we talked a lot... he thanked me for everything I had done to help him and I had to hold back tears ha. (Mom I’m sending you a letter for your bay and I’ll explain more about it)
It was an incredible day, and it feels so good to see this beautiful family progressing so well. The gospel completyley [completely] changed their lives for the better and I feel so blessed to have played a part in their conversion.
A., D., Ri. and Ro. with Tio Miller--a beautiful day for a beautiful family at the Curitiba Temple.
MOM! It’s almost your b-day and your and Dad’s anniversary!! I asked Ma.... one of our recent converts to make you your present... It turned out great and I think you will like it! You’re gunna have to wait five more months to get it though.
About BYU, I talked to President and it was great! He said there is no problem leaving a little early to study, he actually encourages it... but I don’t need to leave a transfer early. I think I’ll just go home about 10 days before school starts. (Like the 22 of August) I think it’s the best way to go about it.
I def want to go straight to Provo....and I want all my classes 10:00 or later haha… 7:00 is way to early... I’d like to just finish my associates as fast as I can so please sign me up for what I need. And please let me know what the 8 classes I need to take are...
And Sam said the big bedroom is 400 a month? That the prices are off. But if that’s too much IDK what to do ha... I have a few friends that are gunna go there but IDK where they are going to live.

Please tell Sally I love her and she is in my prayers. I want to go visit her as soon as I can. 
Dad... you’re pulling a mom haha usually she’s the open that tries to set us up on dates. If she is cute I will take her on a date though... ha You need to just take some steroids and get shredded ha. 165 is really skinny though. I haven’t weighed that much since I was a sophomore in high school I think ha. 
Oh ,and you said I can have the Corolla, right? You think I could drive it up to Provo?

Ryan... I loved the email... I think I have the same perspective as far as little efforts go. Our president always says... the field is white... already to harvest... you are here to harvest (baptize) not to plant seeds...  buuutttt, I always try to be a good example and do what Christ would do... this week we helped a couple push their car like a mile because it broke down in the middle of the street… I like to think that next time they talk to Elders they will remember what we did and will accept their message. What do you mean car accident?????? [New car, bad fender-bender in the rain. Everyone is okay.] And friends that are getting baptized... I want to hear more about that too!

Remington what do you mean you advertised your lawn care business? Did you wear your shirt? And what is MPA? Like a band competition right? ha What instrument did you play? Triangle? Symbols? 
Well I love you all... I’ll send pics!

Um bijou!
Elder Miller

Bonus pictures from the last week's Carnival Celebration 
courtesy of Sister Nicole Becker, soon to leave on her own mission!

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