Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The beach trip looks fun. You two are a good looking couple... and Dad I like the hat.... and you’re looking way skinny!
My week was interesting... But it wasn’t all bad. We found some good investigators and had three people at church. We have lots of appointments this week too and we are starting to work with the members which makes me happy!
Also, lunch yesterday was awesome! I’m gunner get fat! ha

MOM. HAPPY B-DAY! let me know when you get your letter... It’s probably gunna get there late... Sorry :( I am 100 percent sure BYU is where I need to be... I prayed about it and I feel good about it. thanks for taking care of everything, Mom! You guys are the best.... please let BYU Idaho know that I said "no thanks." ha
DAD. Happy anniversary! As I sad you are looking skinny and surprisingly young. I had a dream this week that you left the Miata in the rain with the top down and I woke up really sad for you haha... so please don’t do that.
RYAN... I want more details about Latin dancing ha Next...  if you moved to Utah what would you do? Study? You’re a great example, Bro, with the missionary work you are doing... if you want to move to Brasil you can be our ward missionary.
REMI... I miss smoothies and Dad’s milkshakes... enjoy it while you can, Bud!!! Way to help out the Talbots too... you always serve others buds. You’re awesome! What’s “Austenland”? I’ve never heard of it? And what’s your favorite movie that you have watched since I left?

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