Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Will he stay, or will he go? September 2, 2013

R. gave me and Elder Cruz these sweet jackets from Peru! ha
Oi todo mundo,
Wow, there is a lot to write this time. This week was a weird one, I knew I was leaving Tamandaré so I packed a little here and there during the week, and by Sunday morning I was already to leave this morning . . . but I didn’t . . . Elder Cruz did! ha Yes, I’m staying another transfer in Tamandaré. I feel like I’ve been here forever ha. But I guess it means there is something else to do here in Tamandaré and more people to baptize.

I will be training again . . . tomorrow I’ll go pick up my second son ha. But . . . we will be in a threesome. Elder Bedford is my comp from Jacksonville, Florida and he will be working with us this transfer! He just got done being trained and he’s way excited to get to work here. I think President Monteiro is wanting to split the area, so he’s putting us in three so that when I leave two more can come. IDK [I don't know] though, but we will see ha.

Elder Cruz was sad to leave, and I was shocked that it wasn’t me, but I can handle 6 more weeks here ha. I’m still district leader so I get to continue doing baptismal interviews, which I really enjoy.
This Sunday, we had stake conference and it was super spiritual! President and Sister Montiero went and gave talks and the Temple president and his wife too. Afterward, A. received the Melchizedek priesthood, and asked me if I could ordain him an Elder. Wow. It was a spiritual moment. To have played a part in his returning to church and baptizing D. and helping them both get married has been incredible, and giving him the Melchizedek Priesthood was icing on the cake. I’m so happy for him and his family. I love them!

I’ve been enjoying the blessing of the package you sent. Last night we got together with A., D, E, and G. (They will be getting married on the 26th, and I will be here to see it!!) and C, and made pancakes and used the syrup you sent. Half of them didn’t like it . . . but I loved it ha!
Remington bud, I’m sorry you hurt your hand. Be careful!!

Ryan, say hi to everyone in Visalia for me. What was the longest you stayed in an area on the mish?
Mom, to answer your qs. [questions] Yes, Mom, C. gave me the toe socks, ha that's why I was wearing them. And yes I know Elder Turley . . . he’s pretty cool. I haven’t talked with him a whole lot, but I know who he is. I’ll let him know next time I see him that you are friends with his mom.

Dad, way to get back into shape ha. And good luck with the workbench. Did you every stay in an area on the mish for more than 6 months?
Well I love you all, but I’m tired and I want to take a nap before P-day is over. ha

Love Elder Miller

C's baptism
My next planner cover I made from the candy boxes you sent :)


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